Purchased the SBX as a SteamBox type PC and received it a week or so ago. Have played some indie games on Steam, as well as Portal 2 and some Skyrim and have not been disappointed. Graphics are on par with what I expected from it, although Grid did push the unit some. So far, so good, for anyone considering it as an alternative to Alienware’s offering. I’m not playing the latest and greatest on it, and didn’t want it for that. But for moderately graphically/processor intensive games, it functions perfectly for my needs, and it has a greater range of games available than you’ll find on the consoles. Now I just have to figure out how to open it up to expand the internal memory…

Hey guys, we’re back!

We made some adjustments to the line up, which includes two new models equipped with NVIDIA’s GTX 960.

If you don’t see anything you’re absolutely in love with, reply here with your dream build and maybe we’ll make it for you on the next event (:

azreal24, thank you for the positive feedback! We hope it continues to serve you well.

Could I get the WT014 with windows 7 ?

I haven’t owned a gaming PC since 2007, but I’ve been interested in getting back into in the past few years. My need to upgrade from my 2010 iMac became very apparent when Heroes of the Storm set all my graphics on low, turned off every visual features, and I still get visual lags.

But I don’t know the components anymore or where to begin. The PCs here seem like a good deal, but I feel embarrassingly uninformed. My goal isn’t to be on the bleeding edge, but don’t mind spending up to $1,000.

Any advice? Thank you

Is the SBX upgradeable in any way, shape, or form? I was looking at the Alpha but it seems like you’re stuck with the integrated GPU. I know overall reviews on the SBX are meh but I’d definitely be interested if I could mess around with the internals. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sure thing!

We’ll set up a few SKUs with Windows 7 Pro for the next event as long as we have it in our inventory.

What’s your opinion on Windows 7 vs Windows 8?

Hey Purrfessor,

the SBX has limited space in its chassis and it took a lot of modifications to get all the parts to fit, so there really isn’t much you can do in terms of upgrading other than replacing the memory and hard drive.

To give you an idea, we had to create a custom bracket for the videocard in order to put the rest of the parts inside.

Hey Rauko,

if you’re not playing graphics intensive games, this one will handle Heroes of the Storm on max settings as well as run most of the latest titles on high settings:


Take a look at the video below to get an idea on how the system will perform in Heroes of the Storm at max settings. Note that in game FPS will be higher:

It’s not advertised, but we’re upgrading the graphics card to 270X for free right now since we don’t have any 270 in stock.

Unfortunately, the free game offer was uploaded by accident, it’s not actually available. We’re just waiting for the graphics team to remove it.

Hope this helps with your decision and let me know if you have any more questions.

I just built a PC very similar to the WT006. Same processor and video card. 2TB HD, but no CD/DVD drive. Total was around $465 through Newegg’s supercombo deals and coupons/rebates. So this one is not such a great deal at $670 + tax. Granted it’s pre-built for you and comes with Windows already. But if you can do it yourself, then you can save some money.

System runs great by the way. Increased my game rate by 30-40 fps.

if all these desktops didn’t look like the target market is 12-19 year olds i might consider one.
some of us adult gamers just need a high quality plain, not lights, no windows case.

Looking at ibuypower.com, it appears that the CX-9 is cheaper than here with the same specs. The price for a CX-9 with 16GB ram, 128GB mSATA ssd and 1TB 7200rpm HDD is only $1344 on their website (Listed $1349.99 here). Does anybody know how the original price of $2,649.00 was calculated?

I’m an adult and I have had this desktop for about two weeks now, have it sitting under the desk so I don’t even see it. But let me tell ya, this unit rocks. I added a 128gb ssd to mine and cloned the factory installed to it, boots in 3 seconds flat. This runs WoW WoD at ultra settings perfectly even in raids.

Definitely a bargain for the gear.

Also, the added bonus of getting three free games wasn’t bad either. I managed to get alien : isolation, Star citizen (60$ value) and another fps all for creating an account and using some codes, two of those games redeemed on steam perfectly too.

Hey Dale, glad you can vouch for the system’s performance!

Did your build include Windows?

We’ll see if we can make some adjustments to the price.

I completely understand, we’ll work on a model with a more streamlined and plain case.

The reasoning behind our case selection is that most of these cases have good cable management and/or airflow (especially the NZXT cases).

Of course, I don’t think having good cable management, airflow, and a clean streamlined design are mutually exclusive.

What kind of cases would you like to see? Post them here or PM me and we’ll see what we can do for future events.

Hey terpfear, the $5 difference is most likely due to build time. We expedite the build time of the computers here, but not on ibuypower.com

If you take a look at the bottom tab on ibuypower.com, the estimated lead time is almost 2 weeks (If you buy today it won’t ship until 03-06-15) .

I don’t really know about the reason behind the MSRP, maybe a typo?

Thanks for pointing out the discrepancies, I am sure other WOOT members appreciate your research!

Which system did you pick up and what are the specs?

We are glad you’re happy with the system and the free games!

i’m running a system that’s still mostly an ibuypower tower i picked up in 4/2011 (i’ve since upgraded the ram/gpu&psu). no problems, at all. was well put together and the specs were great for the price.

they might have done too good of a job, as i’ve decided to upgrade it incrementally instead of just buying a new one. i probably won’t be getting anything during this woot, but i’m now thinking about getting a new system (and giving mine to my roomie or selling it on cl), instead of just upgrading the mobo/cpu, as planned.

and imo, windows 7 > windows 8.

anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the good work, glad to see you responding to questions/requests so quickly.

I dont really understand how power supply works, but i was told if you dont have enough power your computer will crash often. im assuming these were built with the power supply in mind and they wont have a problem crashing due to lack of power?
I had this issue when i bought my pc a few years ago.

Thanks for the positive feedback! We really do our best to ensure a good end user experience.

I am a fan of upgrading systems incrementally as well, so I try to push for systems with room for upgrades. ESPECIALLY since not all items go on sale at the same time. If I remember correctly, Samsung had a big sale on their SSDs and it was about $0.50/per GB!

If you or anyone on this board have an idea for a good base system, reply here or PM me and I’ll push for it in the next event.

Also on that note, can you tell me a little bit about your preference for WIN 7 over WIN 8?