Missed it. Stupid work.

Speaking of LAGLAGLAGLAG… glad I pressed confirm purchase only to get an sold out error.

Holy crap! Well…holy BOC at any rate.

I bought one literally LESS THAN TWENTY SECONDS before it sold out!!!


Congrats to you eagle eyed wooters!

First Bandolier of Carrots I’ve ever gotten. Been a member of Woot since 2008. I am hoping for a broken Zune! Or maybe a random ball of power cables. That would be awesome!

Does it being on the iBYUPOWER sub-page mean this Bag of Carp – or was it Bag of Crap – is specific to iBUYPOWER stuff?

Finally!!! Last BOC was in June '12. I didn’t like how Woot was doing the BOC in Facebook, Who in the hell is on Facebook 24/7? I am happy to get my BOC, now I know that this week will be AWESOME!!. By the way, I checked that page by chance, I was just curious about the PCs…My lucky BOC

I love your username!

Ha. Thanks. My son suggested it. After which, he got a swift smack upside the head. Then I decided I liked it.

I feel like this Box of Crayons is gonna either be WAY worse or WAY better than they usually are =D


iBUYPOWER staff here. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding our products. For those lucky customers who purchased the random crap, please come back and tell us what you received in the bag. thank you.


Is it true that all the Brigands of Calculon are going to be using just iBUYPOWER products for this offering?

I cannot even fathom dropping 2 grand on anything at woot

Re: CZ Gaming laptop:

“Features” text says 1 TB 5400 rpm, “Specs” says 7200 rpm. Which is it?

No BD drive, no eSATA port? meh.

[MOD: It’s fixed now. Thanks!]

The CZ-27 laptop has a 1 TB 5400rpm HDD. There was a typo on the Specs and we will have that corrected ASAP.

[MOD: It’s fixed now. Thanks!]

Yikes!! $2650 for a computer? Wow and a half. bought my last car for that. 100k miles and still strong…

I had a BOC drought that extended about three years. Then I caught the one in the launch of accessories.woot and now this one. Yay!

Uhhhhhh, no.

I was wondering what everyone else’s experiences with iBUYPOWER have been.

The desktop I purchased a few years back had ram put it in that was incompatible with the motherboard and would cause blue screens about once every 5 minutes so I had to purchase my own ram. They also neglected to enable SLI on the motherboard which I had paid an extra $10 to have them do so it would be all set when it arrived.