iBUYPOWER Slate2 111A Desktop

iBUYPOWER Slate2 111A Desktop

Mine arrived ok, booted, but the lights on the front dont work, and I cant get the ZEUS mouse Software to recognize it.

Hi there. Have you contacted iBUYPOWER to see if they could help? I usually open desktops when I first get them and reseat all the board and connectors since some come loose in travel. Not sure if you’re comfortable doing that.

Anyway, here’s their contact info:

I took the case apart and found these bent connectors. I straitened a few of them and plugged the front led back, now it works. Wonderful…

The box the mouse came in has two pieces of velcro tape on it… like it was attached to something as a display.
I’m thinking this was not a new pc, but a demo. Wonderful.

And the solid metal cover has been opened, and one of the nice thumb screws is missing… some genius wedged a regular screw in the hole (notice bare threads. I suspect this is not a new pc, but a demo or display machine. Wonderful.

Feel free to reach out to iBUYPOWER for a new mouse and anything else. They’re pretty good to work with from what I hear.

Yeah, that screw situation is crap. Other than that though, I bought direct recently and my mouse also had some tape situation and I had thought it might have been open-box…

Ultimately everything has been solid. (Except I got cables and instructions to install my argb card but no card? Maybe it’s on the other side of the case, like yours. 2/3 of my LED’s work, so that’s all confusing.

So sad… iBuyPower says the fancy Zeus E2 mouse is NOT software programmable… They did offer to send a new screw out… but since the threads are jacked, i declined. The velcro is a mystery to them as well.