iBUYPOWER WT009iv2 Intel i7, GTX1060 Desktop

I just bought this very desktop, but with an i5 and a 120GB SSD.

It’s excellent. I don’t play many newer games, but it can easily handly everything I have at max settings. Probably the newest I’ve played is Alien: Isolation with no hiccups.

4 things:

  • The front red light strip is BRIGHT and it doesn’t turn off via software. So you either need to disconnect it or cover it with electrical tape (I used tape).

  • The power supply is the bare minimum. If you’re going to upgrade the graphics card or add another hard drive, you’ll want something slightly better. It’s fine if you just want to leave it as is, though.

  • The keyboard is TERRIBLE. It works, but is slightly stretched out horizontally. I’m a very good typist, but constantly hit the wrong keys on this. I’m sure it’s fine for gaming (a little more space between keys). But if this is going to be your every day computer, you’ll want a better, normal keyboard.

  • The case is very well set up, and accessible from both sides via thumb screws. Super easy to get inside, and unlike many companies, opening the case doesn’t void the warranty (in fact, you HAVE to open the case before using it because there’s packign material inside there to keep it stable during shipping).

Overall, this is a great budget gaming rig.