iBUYPOWER WT3101EA AMD, Radeon Desktop

AMD released a new line of processors “Ryzen” recently and although it is good processor for its price, it’s not a good gaming CPU.

AMD has always been behind when it comes to CPU against Intel as this Ryzen 1700 processor 8-Core is only 34% faster than last-gen Intel i7 6700HQ processor while being 8% slower against the i7 6800K processor. You will still be able to play recent games at medium or high settings, (depending on your screen resolution). For this price, you can get better gaming setups with a much faster, current-gen Intel processor for the same or less price.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it because Woot has great items for great prices, but always research before considering this as your next gaming computer.






I agree this is expensive and could be built a lot cheaper, but you are out of your mind if you think you will only be able to play games at medium or high settings with a ryzen. If you have the right GPU you can easily play games at ultra with a much weaker CPU then what is offered here. Price/value these AMD processors are excellent and will only get better with optimization.

Here is an article already showing optimization improvements.