iBUYPOWER WT5203EA Ryzen 7, GTX1080 Desktop

Your title description states that this system comes with a “NVIDIA Geforce GTX1060 8GB”, but in the specs it lists a “NVIDIA Geforce GTX1080 8GB” – which is quite a big difference in GPU. I don’t think that a 1060 is even available with 8GB.

The title has been updated to GTX1080, thanks!

I priced out this system on PC Parts Picker ($1608). Which is $92 less than what Woot is selling it for. This is an amazing deal considering that you just get it shipped to your door and don’t have to wait to get all the individual parts to build one of these for yourself. Which could take weeks. And, you get a central warranty if something goes wrong, so you don’t have to take the parts out individually and ship them off for an RMA. If you are in the market for a computer with this amount of speed and power for gaming/live streaming and video editing/rendering, you can not go wrong in getting this.

iBUYPOWER’s reputation is spotty at best. My research shows that you are either very happy(minority) or very sad( the majority of online reviews) with your purchase. Please do your own research before purchase. There is no middle ground that I saw. It appears that they do not test their computers prior to shipping and therefore don’t know if the custom built parts are working together before boxing and delivery to you. There is a Woot listed 1-year warranty on this, so that is a good thing. If you do need to return it for warranty service, you are responsible for the shipping, handling, and any rush fees. Other fees may apply so make sure to check that out as well.

I still think this is a great deal and I would take the chance that they get it right in this case.


I think this is better deal here,

Hmm NewEgg is coming out with this same PC but 7700 processor for $150 dollars cheaper.

Ryzen or 7700? That’s the question…


I just want to address a couple concerns brought up here. GeminiJ13 is correct that we offer a full system warranty for 1 year which covers all parts and labor in case something goes wrong with the system.

We do actually test all our systems before shipping, every PC goes through a couple of QC steps where we install Windows and all the necessary drivers, then run some burn-in software to make sure temperatures are ok and the CPU, GPU, RAM and power supply can stand up to a sustained load. After that we do some final checks on cabling and making sure there’s no scratches or problems with the case or its ports and box the system up to ship out.

Shipping damage is always a big issue for us, despite our best efforts in packaging, desktops are heavy items to ship so boxes get dropped and components can become loose or damaged. In the case of any problems with the machine, customers can contact us and we can help troubleshoot and solve problems, and can replace parts or the whole PC as necessary. Even after the warranty period is up, any customers can still get technical support over the phone for the life of the product.

Thank you for sharing your review.

thank you ibuypower for fast shipping .got mine today and I’m very happy. instead ryzen 7 1700x got 1800x and win 10 pro instead win home version.

It is appreciated that you came in here an clarified some of the issues I addressed. This should go a long way in showing that you stand behind what you are selling. Thanks.