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We have this USA License Plate painting in a nearby wing place…I love this pic but…The one shown here has different plates…I have NEVER seen that Georgia license plate before…Is this exactly how the painting will arrive or will it have the correct plate when made to order?

Did you see the picture of this hanging above a couch??? The description says it is 26" x 18"…no way that is even barely visible on a wall no less taking up most of the space above a couch. Terrible F

26" x 18" ?
Why does the picture depict it looking MUCH bigger?

Which is it?

Side note, here is a REAL metal one, same size and priced right.


I wonder if the picture shows the original piece of art (metal plates on wood) rather than the smaller canvas reproduction that is offered here.

RE the US License Plate Map:

Size is 26"x18" and canvas as stated in the sale.

Banner art is vendor art and may not represent exactly what’s in the sale. They don’t always have pictures of what we’re selling. Sorry if that’s confusing. Just think of it as a really small couch.

Yeah, it IS confusing (and a bit misleading) when you show a big picture of something that you are not selling. Especially when what you ARE selling is a smaller, cheaper version of what is pictured.

WOW, just WOW.

Shipping inclusive, the real deal is even cheaper than this one on W00T. nice find. and yes, that is an extremely misleading image.

I was thinking the same thing - in Maine - I definitely recognize the “Vacationland” tagline - but I’m not familiar with the yellow plate - that must be a really old design - growing up we always had white with a red lobster, and now the “regular” plate has chickadees on it - neither are yellow

I guess that’s what the “spec box” is for.

I really don’t see what the big deal is. This artwork is available is several sizes; do you really think someone is going to take a photo of each size?

FYI: If you want it in a bigger size - 40 x 26 - it just came up today on Gilt.com. Expect to pay $155 for it…or $89 for the 26 x 18 version…

Hey, you’re right…Woot’s price really is cheaper - only, not in the way you meant it…

Came here to say that the specs for this print are 18x18, so the photo is highly misleading. It doesn’t even show the right shape of what you are getting.

again… woot uses supplied images given to them by the manufacturer. If you don’t like the images being used, then complain to the manufacturers that give woot the photos to use.

I love you. Have I told you that recently?

It doesn’t matter how many times, each time holds a special place in my heart.
but shhhhh, I thought that you wanted us to be a secret?

I bought the united states l. plate print. It’ll look great next to my music notes world print that I got from woot.

Here is the pic of the one at the Wings restaurant with better tags…Yes its bigger obviously.

Why wouldn’t we complain to the company accepting the images and using them for selling the product?.. You don’t go to the mall and raise a fuss to Ralph Lauren.

The spec box is your friend…

LOVE the Michigan plate flag.

And I agree with the others who have said they don’t recognize the plates for their states in the US map one. Green Michigan plate? We may have exactly 9813216 different plates but that looks like an old one I’ve never seen before.

We’ve removed the Lifestyle photos that were causing the issues except for the banner. Can’t do that one, sorry.

Now, how about those pictures. I agree the license plate are the older style, same for Texas. I like that about it.

How do I buy this? There is no link…