Ice Cream Bunday

Congratulations, Fablefire! This recipe is a delicious winner! :slight_smile:

One of these days, the bunnies will get revenge.

This is so cutely twisted! I don’t know whether to say awwww or ewwww!

Buns are lactose intolerant. And also chocoyum intolerant.

And it will be glorious. Until then, this is still super cute. XD

Another Fablefire fox first place. Congrats!

Oh look, more cutesy t shirts. Shirt woot used to be so good.

Did you vote? This design was voted for by Wooters.

Dang it! That’s what I was gonna say!

WOO! Thanks everyone! :smiley:

Wooters left a few years ago. The people voting now are no longer real wooters, they are amazon clearing housers and all clearly have horrible taste.

Gone are the days of good woot shirts.

So what you’re saying is that I’m not real? And that the valid approach to choose what you like is to NOT vote? Oooookay.

Shirt.woot has been around for almost 9-1/2 years; if you don’t mind answering, what time frame are you talking about when you say “good”?

Maybe he’s from the clip art era? Or maybe the “tree silhouette” and “bird flying up and to the left” era? Or maybe the “flying penguins are secretly banned” era?

We’ve had so many eras. Can’t believe next fall will mark 10 years for me here. D:

Maybe the no bunnies era? Because no cute shirts ever printed it that era!

129: No bunnies.
130: No bunnies.
131: No bunnies.
132: No bunnies.
135: No bunnies.
138: No bunnies.
139: No bunnies.
141: No bunnies.
142: No bunnies.
143: No bunnies.
146: No bunnies.
149: No bunnies. No penguins.
151: No bunnies. No penguins.
153: No bunnies. No penguins.
154: No bunnies.
158: No bunnies. No hamsters.
159: No bunnies.
160: No kittens, bunnies, or penguins.
177: No penguins.
178: No bunnies.
181: No bunnies.
182: No bunnies.
183: No bunnies. … no kittens or penguins either.
184: No bunnies or penguins.
185: No bunnies. No penguins either.
186: No bunnies, kittens, or turtles.
190: No penguins or squirrels.
194: No anthropomorphic animals
195: No bunnies or squirrels.
212: No turtles.

Poking in to say that I’m actually pleased with how this one came out.

Large design.
Colors look right.

No complaints for once. :3

(Shooting Star Fox had really bad colors, and other previous shirts had shrunken design size, so, yeah. Thx.)