Ice Cream Makers & More!

The Xyliss ice cream scoop is good. Specs say it’s dishwasher safe but ours is pitted pretty badly. Still works, tho. The handle rattles, too, it feels like it’s about to come apart from the head, but it’s been like that for years. I have a notion the heat from the dishwasher degraded the adhesive used. My 2¢: Buy it, hand wash only.

I have a different brand (Cuisinart) than the two that are on here, but the ice cream makers with the built-in compressors are so convenient! No need to plan ahead, take up freezer space, or wait for a special bucket to freeze. Ice cream on demand anytime!

Super-simple recipe I use is one part sweetened condensed milk to two parts of whole milk. That’s it!

Can someone verify that this is brand new vs. refurb/reconditioned? Asking due to severe food allergy concerns.

I assume you’re asking about the De’Longhi? If so, new, yes.

The title of this says “1.5 pint” but the manaufacturer website says that it its capacity is 1.25 quarts.

Is it just a typo in the title?

From the link you gave, it says the bowl capacity is 1.25 quarts but it produces about 2.75 cups of ice cream. My Google-fu tells me that this is pretty close to 1.5 pints.

I just got (literally, yesterday) this gelato maker (the Delonghi) (as a gift-otherwise I would be REALLY pissed about this sale, and I am not telling my wife about it). It is a really nice machine - well designed, easy to clean, freezes very quickly, and makes excellent gelato. The capacity is a bit confusing. It makes 1.5pt of gelato, but the actual capacity of the bowl is probably closer to 1.25qt. But you could never make that much, as the paddle would never be able to turn and the gelato would be pushed into the lid. Also, be aware that this really does make gelato, not ice cream; the paddle and airtight lid minimize the amount of air that gets into the mixture, creating the denser, more elastic gelato texture, which is impossible to get with a regular ice cream maker. If you want gelato, this is the machine to get!

SO DISAPPOINTED with Woot customer service.
I bought the Ice Cream machine (I was even the first one :frowning: ) and never got it.
Woot customer service first said “it appears it was lost during shipment” and then, when asked for a tracking number they say that they don’t have it.
Obviously it was never shipped and they cannot admit their error.
I’m only offered a refund; I want my Ice Cream machine!

this is the last time I buy something on Woot.