Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset - 2 Pack

How do you know? Have a set? by the specs, they should be good in frequency resp., not too loud, and a clip on mike, just like our Senators use (jus’ smaller). For a pair, that’s a good price, and new, too.

I’m pretty sure that the 3.5mm means that for cells with that size headphone jack should support these.

thanks softspoken


I got these last year. They sound thin for music, any of the fostex in-ears sound better (m100/cx300/ep630, etc.) Maybe ok for gaming.

Although the site got it wrong about them being noise canceling. It’s just that the inner ear design blocks most ambient sound.

Beware of SmartPost!! I ordered 3 monkeys on each of my 2 accounts during the wootoff, and the USPS morons lost both boxes! I guess I’ll have to find other stocking stuffers for the kids! Second time they lost boxes …and that means I don’t buy when SnailPost is the only shipping method offered!!

No, sorry, No mike input for cells.

these are good for gaming, as they lack midrange but have boosted treble/bass frequencies… although the bass isn’t heavy you can hear it. not recommended for music though :confused:

Picked these up during the woot off, same price at 9.99 each, or should I say1 cent cheaper…
still waiting for them to arrive.

I think most cell phones use 2.5mm

this is kinda lame woot…usually 1 for 9.99…

Think Woot will ever get a hold of some wireless headphones?

Crap, today I just got in a single pair of these from the last time they were on woot. They we’re $14 then I think, so this isn’t a bad deal.

Listening to them now, bass definitely isn’t that great on them. However they are really comfortable and don’t hurt your ears nearly as bad as iPod phones seem to do. For two pairs, I’d recommend.

Edit: I guess they weren’t $14, but $10.

in for one - hope i won’t be disappointed…

SoftSpoken -

I’ve actually found my in-ears to have better bass than any out-of-ear’s I’ve ever used (although I havent used any outrageously expensive out-of-ears). When something is jammed in your ear it takes MUCH less power to vibrate your eardrums at a low frequency. My cheapy verizon phone in-ears have bass comparable to my 2000$ car system when they are in my ear correctly. No exaggeration.

Granted, that doesnt mean there aren’t crappy in-ears. I’ve never used this product before so this is just a general comment.

EDIT AGAIN: I just re-read the specs. Freq response starts at 30 which means it’s probably true that these don’t have great bass. My in-ears start at 20, as do most headphones/speakers with decent bass response. I believe 20 is near the lowest audible bass tone, if its not THE lowest.

I second that (e)motion!

I keep my earphones in my eye too!

enough good reviews on amazon to make it worth trying. Besides ear buds kill my ears, gotta find an alternative!

hahahaha wow, I got a kick out of that! :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing out the typo. Its fixed :slight_smile: