Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset

How’s the quality compared to Skullcandy? Sony? Thanks!

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New Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x SteelSeries 10070 Icemat Siberia In-Ear Headset with microphone

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$25.99 on amazon

Some good, some bad reviews.

Bought one of these a while back. The earphone isn’t that great but the mic is good.

Nice Tori reference.

I like the Tori Amos reference. I am assuming they took this from her original band “Y Kant Tori Read”. Awesome!

You were 30 seconds ahead of me!

NewEgg Reviews are lukewarm

are these made in the US

Got these in the last woot-off – the tri-barb sleeves shown on them hurt my ears after about an hour, but did provide excellent sound coupling. They also come with single-barb sleeves, which are much better for comfort.

They have a very asymmetric cord: from the split, the left bud is 7" and the right is 20.5". I don’t like that, but YMMV…

I have these and a pair of ARE05s (also from woot); first off, the ARE05s have a substantially larger driver, which naturally gives better low-end response.

Second, even on music with little bass, the ARE05 sounds more natural; the Icemat is a little too bright, though not quite tinny.

Finally, and for whatever it’s worth, the ARE05s are just a touch louder at the same output. (to control for amplifier and ear effects, I tested both at the same output (ARE05s louder) and at the same loudness (driving Icemats harder); I saw, or heard, the same trends in both cases.

So for now, I’ve got a mic, which I haven’t had an opportunity to try yet, a very nice extension cable, and a backup pair of in-ears that I don’t hesitate to use; they’re just not quite as good when I care how it sounds.

They’re definitely worth the price, if you don’t have something better already or want spares.

Does Ms. Amos get royalties if someone sings this to the tune of “Silent all These Years”?

Will these work with the iPhone?

Yes, with an appropriate adapter if you need the mic; the iPhone connector is practically the same as the one on my N800, and of course the phones work fine; the mic doesn’t hook up though, unless you get a splitter adapter to get TRS + TS from TRRS.

I bought these for 20 on regular woot. Epic fail. :frowning:

Eh, I bought a pair in the last woot-off. I wouldn’t really recommend them if you want to listen to music with them. Sound quality is pretty bad at high volumes. The earbuds are a pretty snug fit though, and with them in I can hear barely anything on the outside.

The microphone is pretty good quality. I use the headset for skype.

My old earbuds are about dead, so in for 2. My wife needs new buds too. Hers have been blown from being overdriven for months.

Hold on - works with the PSP? The headphones might but unless they come with a psp-specific adapter no way the microphone will. like most sony products, the psp is full of da proprietary-ness. feh.

In for 2… =)

I have these, I like them I use them with my N800 sounds good for music/skype, I haven’t experienced the sound prob some other folks have mentioned with certain pitches/level of music, It would be nice if the two wires were fused together, my only complaint is you can get a tangled up feeling a lil bit, but for the price I recommend, OH and any other N800/810 users , yes I have an adapter to merge the two together as we only have one orifice in our device, so don’t get it for that unless you have a plan to combine the two …