Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset

I don’t understand why these have two plugs to connect to your ipod or computer or whatever.

hmm, im running with a pair from skull candy right now, but im on the tail end of their existence with the brutality i put them through,

so i think im in for 1 … how thick is the cord? and since i doubt ill be using the mic function ill ask, is the mic on its own separate cord a swell? it appears to be but just asking to be certain

Skull Candy has a lifetime warranty, go on their site and if they’re almost done due to normal usage, they give you 50% off their online store when you send your originals back.

Yes the mic is it’s own seperate cord,

If it is a lifetime warrenty, shouldn’t they replace them?
not just give you half off?

These have 2 plugs because it is a headset designed for a computer in a sense. One is for the mic the other is for the earbuds. Mic and Ear buds are seperate however and connected together via an extension cord.

I have these, however paid retail for em a while back cause I wanted a mic that would attach to my Sennheiser Headphones.

I don’t have any issues with these headphones, my iPod on full volume and they sound great still no distortion or anything like that. I am in for another, a backup microphone is always nice.

So it’s really two items? The earbuds AND a microphone? Interesting.

How long is the microphone cord and how long is the extension cord?

Yes, I have the earbuds on my iPod here at work and the microphone at home hooked up to my gaming PC hanging off my Sennheiser HD555s

They are great, I spent 40 bucks on these from NewEgg a while back. The cables each are about 3 feet long, with the ear buds they are fine for my iPod to go from my ears with the iPod in my pocket (I am 6’4") and for the Mic I use the supplied extension cord which I believe is either 6 feet or 9 feet and have no issues.

I changed my mind and am in for 2. Wish they were the black model however, but the price is right :stuck_out_tongue:

does anyone know if the mic on this is push button or always-on? I work in film and need a new headset that’s not a crappy boom mic.

Always on and has a mute switch on it.

Thanks for the useful info, BensonM.

can i use this headset with my cellphone?
my cell phone takes the 2.5 mm jack, but would this headset still work?
what if i bought an adapter?

Warranty is only going to cover manufacturer defect, not wear and tear due to usage. Getting 50% off on new buds by returning heavily worn and torn old buds is pretty good imo.

Ah that is a good deal then

imho , no, a cell phone, like my n800, only has one orifice, where this needs two, one for mic and one for sound,

You could buy a second adapter to combine the two lines, there’s a place in Canada that sells it for $12 plus shipping, but it’s gonna be sooo much crud hanging off the end of you cell phone I imagine it woudl look awkward,

this is the thing I use with my n800 to combine the two…

Steelseries is HQ’d in Copenhagen, Denmark- I wouldn’t bet that these are U.S. manufactured.

I didn’t know Icemat and Steelseries are the same company. I have a pair of SS gaming headsets that I love and use everyday. I may just give these a whirl.

Was looking for a new PC mic, already have plenty of earbuds.

Would the mic be worth $15 alone or should I go for something else?

why can i not buy it with a gift card/ says order denied

Bought 2. Thanks Woot! I Hope that it ships by tommorow.

Whenever i click on “I Want It” button, it sends me back to yahoo! shopping.
How do i buy this thing?