Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset

Are you logged in? Top right corner of the screen, it should say:

You are hur5522.

If it instead shows a login/password field then you need to log in, or create an account first. An account from any of the other woot sites will work (,,

Hope this helps.

To get these to sound good you have to jam them up against your eardrums.

Not very comfortable. They do block out outside noise though. The microphone is decent.

Hey ! they deleted my Nigerian scam parody comment,

BOO Woot , that was funny

We are in the process of finishing up the packaging of these. In the morning you will receive your tracking number. Please make sure that the email address that you provided us is correct. We also recommend that you add to your whitelist so you receive the emails and they are not being treated as junk/spam.

The tracking number will also be posted in your account and by clicking on the order number.

Still hasn’t changed to “Shipped,” and still no tracking number. Anyone else?

yea same here, its ganna be a week tomorrow so i just hope i get a tracking number tomorrow.

I was thinking the same thing, I’m glad that I’m not the only one awaiting shipping.

Just got mine. It said it will come monday, then changed it to sat, and bam, there it is at my doorstep… anyway their good. I got them for the clip on mic honestly so i can use my HD555s as a headset, but the headphones arent bad at all. and they are comfortable.

I got mine on Friday… silicon ear sleeves make it comfortable to use for long period of time and I like the fact that Microphone is detachable. Also 9 feet extension cable allows me to watch the tv lying down in the dorm!
I like the color and everything!!..