Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset

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New Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x SteelSeries 10070/10071 Icemat Siberia In-Ear Headset with microphone

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Dang, thought these would work with iphone at first glance.
Closer look reveals the microphone and earbuds are separate. =(

If anyone finds reviews on this one, let me know. I really couldn’t find any. They look nice though.

Here you go, Woot. Maybe you could send a pair of these black headphones to that strange man who is freaking out about not getting black iPod headphones (which do not exist) to go with his black iPod. (at

Then again, why bother? He makes no sense, anyway.

Does the earpiece come off? The clear piece at the end would be hard to replace if it does and get lost.

Edit: Nevermind, it does.

  • Silicone Ear Sleeves

yay for reading :o

These… again?**

Wow. (Last sighted: just over a week ago…) And both colors this time around. The evident population of these at woot spells trouble for the next woot-off…

Also, when I see NINETEEN instances of the same mistake ('s is possessive, not plural!), it drives me nuts.

when will woot have teh good earbuds like sennheiser or sony

Anyone know if these work with the Palm Centro? I have already gone through a bunch of adapters/2.5mm headphones that do not work, as they only play 1 channel, etc. Thank you in advance.

Yes, they come off, but they come with a second (and less painful) pair of sleeves as well. (The tri-barb design gives quite good isolation, but leaves my ears sore after an hour of listening; the other ones included are one-barb, and can easily go 3 hours.)

Mine (from the last wootoff) actually came with two extra pair of sleeves, but the description (then and now) doesn’t seem to indicate that, so it may have been an oops.

Here’s a link to a review.

I bought these a while back from sellout. They’re definitely worth it for the price. I don’t know about its compatibility with Treo, but it can definitely play both channels for standard 3.5mm jacks. The microphone is also a beast. The clip is very well constructed and will not break off easily. (Of course it’s not going to withstand the blender.)

Another Tori Amos reference in the write up? I am beginning to think whoever writes the descriptions is as obsessed with her as I am.

In case anyone was wondering the headline is from the song “Spark” from the album “From the Choirgirl Hotel”.

“6.58 are you sure where my spark is…”

Well, if the Centro has a 2.5mm jack, then it’s all about the adapter. These are both standard 3.5mm jacks, so if you’ve got a good adapter it should work fine with them, and if you don’t, they’ll have the same trouble.

Any idea why I can not log out a user (visiting a friend) and put my log-in in??? I am trying to get these, but no luck getting his log-in off. Help!

clear his coockies and cache and sign out and sign back in. (of course do it again when your done. :slight_smile: )

click on the small log out at the top right side…?.. if that doesnt work, just go to internet options and delete all temporary files, saved data, cookies and everything, that should reset things for you i guess…

what makes you think those are bad…?.. at least i know the increase in price to a sony is not worth… its the same crap, only a game of selling brand names…-.-… if you wanna pay the extra for having the word “sony” imprinted-.-… you may as well go engrave it on your headphones or something… besides… sony is crap…:slight_smile:

I’m with you. When I saw the siberia name on yahoo and then the crucify reference I was expecting “Silent All These Years” AGAIN. But I have to give kudo’s (that’s for BensonM. lol) to wOOt copywriters all the way. I think maybe Wierd Al Y might be on the team. And this is also a chance to give recognition to those fine folks that had 2.5 hours after the debate to write that evening’s copy. You Folks are the BEST. Unfortunately it makes me tune in every 1:00a.m. to see the new one and I wind up buying stuff I hadn’t planned on…hey, maybe there’s something to that. hmmm. And to you jconradtx, it took 21 minutes for someone to catch the reference, thanks for doing so. Now how many am I in for… :slight_smile:

Maybe try another browser if there’s another one on that machine. I’m ashamed to admit how many I’ve got but they’re all logged in when a Blue Oyster Cult might show up.