ICON Flashlights



I love flashlights because they’re like recyclable bags - you always want one on hand. I know some of you are the same, so it doesn’t seem weird now.

How many flashlights do you have? :slight_smile:


You can never have too many flash lights, too much ammo, or too many condoms!


i see you’ve been to my family reunions!


Icon Rogue 2 at Amazon:

$39.65 for the “Gray”
$40.67 for the “Green”



Why am I such a sucker for a freaking LED flashlight. I guess I’m adding a few more today to my colliction of what, a couple dozen already?

Thanks WOOT!, thanks for making my wife think I’m crazy!


Any hope of the 3-Watt Cree LED Aluminum Flashlight coming back? These are great flashlights and the heft on them makes it great in case you need it for protection.


We’re here to help. Always remember that. :slight_smile:



I’ll vote yes to the first 2…


Purchased the ICON Irix I headlamp from Woot last time it was offered. The product is made of plastic but has a high-quality feel to it, especially the dial that lets you ramp up the brightness. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the design. The only drawback I found in my testing was that the actual flashlight unit detaches from its clip a little too easily – in normal use I don’t think it would fall off, but almost every time I used it I found myself reaching for the lamp to take it off and instead just disconnecting it from its clip. Nothing I can’t get used to.


will the rogue sear my hand when I use it? it says it uses its body to dissipate heat. Good thing it is waterproof, I can use it by putting it in a glass bottle filled with water and carry the bottle around.


Don’t laugh, the past power outage we had Dh dropped one of our nicer flashlights into the toilet while attending to business & it was NOT waterproof. Maybe I am in for one once you brought the “waterproof” to my attention - I also have two sons so it may not be the last flashlight in the toilet. I set to pee, so I don’t need to aim.


Looks like a great flashlight!


Picked up 2 of these a few weeks ago when woot had them. I am very pleased with them so far. Diffidently a great light for the price so I just picked up 2 more :)! Thanks Woot!!


Bought two of the rogue2 ones the last time they were on woot. I love them to death. I’m gonna get a few more.


I own two of different styles. On one, the switch started acting a little bit funky a few months into using it on occasion becoming intermittent in function, other than that, no other complaints.


Icon Rogue 2 (black) New starts at $19.97 using “buy it now” on Ebay.


I bought three when they were on woot recently and have already used them a few times. I really like them.

I picked up one for each car and one for the house. They’re great flashlights!


Thank YOU for making me look normal.


I bought 3 last time they were up and like them a lot. I used one today while fixing a sump pump and the waterproof part came in handy.

I have to say that I was surprised at how warm the aluminum felt after 15-20 minutes of continuous use, but fortunately no where near “searing”. It did seem like the light output dropped slightly as the heat increased, but returned to normal after a cool down period. It wasn’t enough of a dip to affect function.