Icon Link Carabiner LED Flashlight



Looks like you can’t turn the red one off. It’s on even in the off image!


Psssst: It’s orange. :tongue:


How come they don’t spec brightness in lumens?


:slight_smile: Maybe on YOUR monitor, but I got my monitor at Woot.com. That bad boy is RED. :slight_smile:


$30 and review is


The specs on Amazon say it’s 50 lumens. Nice and bright for a general purpose light, but I already have plenty of similar ones.


According to this website, it is 50 lumens on high and 6 lumens on low.


I got two of the 130 lumen ones off woot a few days ago, and a 50 lumen I picked up a few months ago, these are some very nice flashlights. Its probably more useful since it can be attached to something else, like your keys for example (although they are somewhat heavy).

Now, do I want another one? I’ll decide later, that orange one is an interesting color at least.


I like the look of it. Tired of the traditional roll away from you when you put it on a slanted surface cylinders.


I read an article saying that a 200+ lumen will dazzle someones’ vision, and that it was a good call as a defensive weapon.
Woot, get your BATF license and sell REAL flashlights!


I was thinking the same thing. Price was right, plus my jumbo woot coupon code expires today and takes care of the shipping cost. In for three (2 orange and 1 black). Two for the house and one to hang on my pants while at work. All for only a few dollars more than one seems to normally retail for.


Do you need a BATF license to sell flashlights with that lumen output? You can buy them from amazon, home depot, etc. I have seen over 1000 lumen flashlights from Coast on both companies websites (I like Coast brand flashlights a lot). I am not trying to question your knowledge, but rather inquiring as I am ignorant in regards to the subject.

I agree that a high lumen output light is great for self defense, but these are not designed for that purpose. They are a general use light.


Buy one of each colour if you’re a giants fan…Or maybe for trick or treating, your kid deserves better than those cheap dollar store plastic 2.5 watt bulb pieces of crap :tongue:


Any idea how weird these are to hold? I feel like the carabiner part might get in the way of the whole functional flashlight part.


what’s the beam angle? 50 lumens with a beam angle of 0 deg will dazzle anyone, while a 1000 lumen unit with 180 deg angle will dazzle nobody.


These single AA battery lights seem to work fine. Any triple AA battery cartridge LED flashlight I’ve had fails, even those purchased on Woot. If I were buying something else to pay for shipping, I get this due to the carrying convenience but I’ve got too many flashlights already otherwise.


How does this compare with a MagLite Mini?


MagLite Mini: 15.2 Lumens

The Carabiner with 50 lumens beats the MagLite hands down


I probably know the answer already but I’ll try asking anyway. Has anyone tried this with a 14500 battery? I’d get this flashlight (for the carabiner feature) if it can increase the light output without burning out the led.


I don’t see the size of this flashlivhtlisted in the stats. Can somebody please tell me how big it is?