Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight

Wow, this might work well as a gun light :slight_smile: Most of the smaller lights are rated from 90 to 120 Lumens, and use those darn little expensive batteries, instead of the readily available and inexpensive AA cells.

I really don’t need more flashlights but in for 3, one of each color.

can never have too many knives or flashlights i always say.

I just bought 3. Best looking potato peeler I ever saw.

At least your terrifying Dome of Pointy Things is well illuminated.

In for two.

Maglites’s XL 50 is rated at 103 lumens and costs about double this. Hopefully these can hold up as well as a Maglite.

My little purse light is 1000 lumens (for $25). I guess it pays to have an uncle that’s an inventor. He also has flashlights that are 3000 lumens (about the size of a maglite), and an 8000 lumen one that’s about the size of a maglite but the head is around 2 times the diameter (you’d use this one for spotlighting).

In for 3. Could make a great gift for a good price.

22 dollars over at battery junction (+Shipping) One lonely 5 star review.

Amazon has them for 32 dollars free shipping with or without prime

Amazon had a few 4 and 5 star items but I’d be cautious. Here is one review on a guy who had bad luck with two of these in <1 year.

*This is a great flashlight…at first. This light is very sturdy, very ergonomic, and very bright. I have purchased two of these for use during property inspections. The first one I purchased at Radio Shack and it lasted about four months before it started having problems (intermittent failure) and within another month it was useless. I returned it to Radio Shack where they informed me that they do not honor the warranty and told me to follow the warranty instructions on the back of the package. I really liked the light and needed another one in the meantime, so I purchased my second one (also from Radio Shack). I followed the warranty instructions on the package which consists of going to the Icon website and filling out a form; they’re supposed to get back with you for further instruction. Well, after several attempts, there has been no response. Further, there is no physical address or phone number listed on their website; just a worthless form to fill out which yields no response. What a scam. It’s a great light while it lasts, but do not count on the warranty. Oh yeah, now my second one is doing the same exact thing and I’ve only had it for 2.5 months.

I read all the reviews and I feel this one is probably the most honest.

*I purchased the Rogue 2 for general use around the house, I always seem to need a flashlight and can never find one so I thought the bright green would be hard to miss.

The flashlight is impressively built and has a substantial feel in your hands, the machined aluminum body allows for a solid grip.

The output from the single LED bulb is bright and provides a wide viewing area.

I only have a few knocks against this light.

  1. It is perfectly round and will roll off a surface if you’re not careful. I installed the included lanyard to correct this problem.
  2. It has no flashing or SOS function. It would be nice to see this feature in a flashlight in this price range.

That being said, these are minor issues and I do recommend this flashlight to anyone looking for a bright, rugged light who is willing to spend a few dollars to get it.*

Very bright flashlight for the money, but they may or may not go bad right after your warranty expires.

Sorry for the wall of text but I felt those were two good reviews expressing the pro’s and con’s of this flashlight.

These are great lights especially at this price. I have two that i’ve had for almost 2 years. They are very durable and the hi/lo function is great.

The build quality actually seems better than the maglites i’ve owned. Battery life is great. The beam is more of a spot type beam but has a decent amount of flood. Mine have been dropped and thoroughly used and still perform like new. The only downside is that the circuitry inside will start dimming the beam slowly after the light has been on for about 10 minutes. A quick click on and off will bring it back to full brightness.

Might just get a gold one, cuz it really reminds me of a lightsaber…and that’d be the only real reason I’d get it. Though I guess the lighting function is useful as well.

I don’t agree with the reviewer CowboyDann quoted above. 2-levels is perfect; I don’t want to have to cycle through another mode that I never use.
If you need to signal, lightly pressing the tail will be momentary, albeit alternating between 10 and 100 lumens with each press.

Does anyone know what type of LED chip this flashlight uses and the maximum volt the LED can withstand? I’m trying to find out whether or not this flashlight can handle the power output from (2x) 3.7v rechargeable li-ion batteries.

YouTube Reviews:

I think these use a Cree XR-E. I seriously doubt this can handle the 8.4v of two fully charged AA sized li-ions. It might do alright with one and a dummy, though.

Anyway, for people that don’t know, these were designed by Surefire and are made for them in China. These are like Surefire’s every-day-people flashlights. I had the Rogue 2 and Rogue 1, but sold the Rogue 2. They’re both nice, cheap lights, that have good functionality and striking good looks. This is a great price for this, especially if you’re buying more than one (or buying other stuff from other woot sites to cut the cost of the shipping). It’s easily worth this paltry sum.

I was just thinking about getting another little flashlight or two … those and Space Pen® style pens seem to have their own black hole around here.

And joefuell is right. The short, fat batteries are expensive. I have one flashlight that uses them, and it seemed to suck the first two sets of batteries dry pretty fast.

Maybe it’s because I replaced the bulb that came with it with a car headlight. (kidding - wrong voltage)

I’ll take three so I can calculate a more accurate average Time to Black Hole for this model than if I just got one.

You should check sites like Battery Junction to get those “little expensive” batteries (my guess is you’re talking about CR123 cells) way cheaper - like as low as $1.00 a piece (or less). They used to have their own branded batteries, but I don’t see them on their site. I’ve been out of the loop in the flashlight world, slowly selling everything off, so I don’t know the story about what happen to their own brand, but it looks like Titanium Innovations may now be their own house brand and their house brand is always excellent.

Also, you can even get rechargeable CR123 batteries, some that are 3V even, in case your light won’t accept the more common 3.7v rechargeable (4.2v fully charged) CR123 sized li-ion.

You can high quality CR123A cells for about $1.50 each or less on many websites.

EDIT: you beat me to it with the post above.

From battery junction, i recommend the made in USA Panasonic CR123s which are right at $1.50 each.

I had to get one of each color because I like my accessories to match my outfit. With the purchasing limits, as well as the limited color options I’m going to have to learn how complementary colors work.