Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight

Dammit…wife’s gonna kill me. But I’m in for 3.
Here’s a CPF review for the light junkies like myself…
Older review

The colors in the photos do not match the colors in the order form. Is “Green” the one that looks like gold in the photo? I am assuming the “Gray” is the one that looks like a platinum/metallic blue?

In for 2 since I couldn’t choose between grey and green. $15 each shipped seems pretty reasonable for what you get.

Does anyone know the diameter of this flashlight. Will it fit in a minimag belt holder? I need a belt flashlight and I like the looks of this, but it doesn’t seem to come with any kind of belt clip.

Thanks for all the responses offering discounted CR123 Battery sources: The least expensive ones I have found locally run around $3 each at the local gun shop. Now I see that several sources sell them for less than a dollar, and decent quality batteries from $1.50. I still like the AA cells for my purposes. I can’t open a drawer around the house that doesn’t have a couple of those AA’s rolling around in it. When my light arrives I am attaching it to my Sig 556 for some real shock testing. NC Star Tri-rail barrel mount laser sight adapters available for about $10 will mount this light on most long gun barrels with ease and versatility. Longer screws may be required to fit your particular barrel diameter.

Most flashaholics hate strobe and sos. I actually haveno need and go out of my way to find quality flashlights without them. I do not plan on going to a disco so do not need the strobe and I do not need a flashlight to sos for me. I can do it for myself but can you ever see the need to actually use it?

I also have that black hole around my house where things like flashlights fall.

In for 3 - one of each color.

Yeah, I wondered about the “green” also but if you look around on other sites, it’s called green and is the same funky color.

The gray is the one that is not black and not the funky color. :tongue:


If only it met the requirements for NFPA 1971-8.6, I’d be in for 3!

I’m a sucker and couldn’t decide which color to get so I ordered one of each.

Had to pick up 2 “Green”. One because they looked slightly yellow, and two, I never have a flashlight when I need one…

Anyone have any feedback on battery drain when not in use? I have a couple of LED flashlights that will drain a set of batteries every 3 months even when not in use.

“Might” is the key word. There is more going on in a quality weapons light than in a normal flashlight. If the batteries can slide back-to-front inside the tube, they can break contact and your light will blink. Under heavy recoil, this motion and the spring that’s usually found at the base of a flashlight can conspire to cause all of the pieces that aren’t clamped-down to puke forward and into the darkness.

I’m not sure I can buy this. I’m still angry with Lumen for bailing on Dexter like she did.

Positive reviews on this site:


I wonder if flashlights wander off to the same place socks do. They always seem to go missing…

That’s how I rationalize buying so many flashlights… and knives… and socks!

I know nothing about this particular brand, but I find the first thing to go out in most of these new flashlights are the switches. The ones I have purchased (different brands) had a great tactile feel, metal casing, bright lite, etc., but when the switch goes out, you have nothing. I look for no cycles, just on or off to put as little stress as possible on the switch.

I doubt this (but I do not know). But wouldn’t they advertise this fact if it did? Buyers like to know that their new flashlight purchase had a Cree bulb. If it does not say it in the specifications or description, I do not think it would have it.

The CPF review, linked above, found a Cree emitter. However, Cree’s have become so common, and come in so many bins now, I’m not sure they’re an advertising advantage any more. They may not give an emitter type so they can do production changes without redoing the documentation, etc.