Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight



Love mine! Bought last time woot had these.


If that yellow-looking one is the “green,” that’s hideous. Too bad the “gray” (blue/silver?) isn’t available.


the green one rocks. i think i have 12 or so of these now lol great flashlights


Agreed, and agreed. There must have been just 1 of each on the black and blue ones, they were GONE.


ordered one of these bad boys last time. too and it is one heckuva little lite. Best 3 things I can say are;

  1. uses easy to find AA batteries
  2. the Hi Lo switch is great for conserving batteries when you dont need to spot light a whole area.
    3.It is heavy duty and grippable.

ok - maybe that was 3 1/2 things.


Oh, that seems a bit harsh. I, too, was expecting a “golder” tone, and was a bit disappointed in the chartreuse-y result. Yet, the metallic cast and paler tone left the overall impression mostly unremarkable, and, to me, unmentionable.