ICON Rogue I Flashlight, Black

I got three of these in a side sale a while back and absolutely love them. I use one every night when I take the dog out (live in the country) and the output on these things is fantastic, especially for their size. I can tell whether there are deer in the back field long before my dog sees them and am able to brace myself for her hysterics (every. damn. night.) without being caught off guard because I couldn’t see where they were. Can’t say enough good things about these little flashlights. The lanyards were a pain to get on, but are worth the trouble.

earlier sale in different colors http://sport.woot.com/offers/icon-rogue-1-cree-led-flashlight-2

4.5 out of 5 stars at the mothership, at twice the cost. Sounds like a good stocking stuffer for the outdoorsy folks in the family, especially due to the water resistant feature.


Got the larger Rogue a few wOOts back and it puts out the light.

It uses the easy and cheap to find AA’s which is a big plus on any battery powered device in my book.

Highly recommend

I got three of the cool green Rogue I flashlights last time they were offered. kids loved them for camping…and so nice to have the lanyard!

According to CPF, these WILL take 14500 Li-ion batteries… sold!


sport.woot is turning me into a flashlight hoarder. I have 2 of these and they are GREAT! Must…resist…buying…more…