ICONIA A200 10.1" Android Tablet

This is $329.99 at Amazon and $364 from Newegg both with 4-5 star reviews from customers. Sounds like a good deal from Woot!

This is already for sale Here
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This is not a bad tablet by any means, even though it is dated- it’s still pretty capable. It’s just hard to justify this purchase when you can get a new Nook+ 9" tablet with 1920x1080 resolution (vs today 1280 x 800). The Nook+ also has a newer 1.5 ghz dual core, and it can be rooted to run jellybean or you can dual boot to jellybean via SD card using this
https://www.n2acards.com/. For $149 from B&N this is a better buy.

At last! Iconian technology!

I have had mine for over a year. Bought it factory refurbished for $200. I absolutely love it and have had 0 (zero, zip, zilch, nada) problems. I don’t do anything fancy. I stream music in my office and basically use it as my easy chair computer at the end of the day, and for that it is perfect. Also, it is an easy take along on short trips. For the $$ you can’t beat it.

My thoughts exactly, except I would be going for the brand-spankin-new Nexus 7 that’s only $230. I also has the HD 1920x1080 resolution, but impressively crammed into the 7" footprint.

The Acer tablet is nice (I have an Iconia A100) and I don’t fault it, but I think this needs to be priced lower to be an enticing deal. Probably not woot’s fault, as Google/ASUS pulled some magic to price the Nexus 7 so cheaply.

I am considering buying a $159 Kindle fire HD 7inch, does anyone have an opinion about if this would be a better buy than that?? They are so close in price and both 16gb of internal memory…this android is bigger tho…but I am not really a tech person…

OK and cool part about this tab there is an ISC update waiting for you :slight_smile:

Actually the Nook+Hd is 1920 x1280, the Nexus 7 (new) is 1920 x1200 (similar resolution but nexus has higher pixel density since screen is smaller). The Nexus has the edge as far as processor goes, but I still like a bigger 9" screen of the Nook+. The other thing is that the Nook+ has an SD card slot- on the other hand the Nexus has cameras (and the Nook does not). For $80 less, I still like the Nook+, but my wife has the old Nexus 7 (which is still a great tablet) and the new nexus 7 is even better- I guess it comes down to what you want to pay, what form factor you like, cameras, and SD card option- either way both good choices.

I recommend this 9" tablet for $149http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/nook-hd-plus-barnes-noble/1110060512
see my other post above about this.

agree with this. i recently picked up the nook hd+, and for my $149 (brand new), it just cant be beat. resolution is fantastic and i have yet to encounter any issues. using go launcher just like i do on my sgs3, and all is right with the world.

Pros for A200 compared to Nook HD+

  1. GPS,
  2. Front facing camera,
  3. Full size USB port.

This is NEW, cheaper than the main Woot tablet offering and doesn’t have Windows Rubbish Tip version installed on it.

I’ve had one of these for a year or so and use it every day both for my real job and as a music reader in a band. I almost lost it this past weekend - it got left behind in a bar.
I am thinking of grabbing this one just in case it happens again. It’s not the biggest, baddest, or fastest but it does everything reasonably well and is reliable with great battery life.