I'd like to see a cool looking printer/scanner


They always look so lame… I’d like a printer with fire decals and a scanner in the shape of an alligator head.


you should try posting this in WOW


It is true. No woot god will ever see it back here.

I might buy a scanner in the shape of an alligator head. The only drawback is you couldn’t put anything on top of it, because of the bumpy head. Then again if you use it, you can’t put anything on top of the scanner anyway.
It would look good with the frog keyboard and speaker set.
Maybe a turtle shape scanner.

Well, either one.

Welcome Kebsis!


Does anyone make scanners in those shapes? Woot doesn’t make stuff, they only resell.


You are over thinking this.
Who would have thought that someone made a frog keyboard?


Does anyone know where you can buy those, they where so cute!


Go to flordia, buy an alagator head, and put it on top of your scanner.


Try wootswap


Sombody already tried, but no one would swap them.


Scanner case-mod.

Buy a crappy one and DIY!


Try finding Woody1, he might have one.


Yes, and why I’m at it why don’t I find out where qwerty lives?

O, wait, we know where qwerty lives…

Where does he live again?




Thanks, I will.

The alligator head thing was just an example really, I just want something that looks a little more spiffy than just the norm that all the ones I’ve seen follow. I mean, they make themed keyboards, mice, and PC cases, so why not printers and scanners?


if you do end up making one…
try emailing purchasing@woot.com