Ideas, Sketches, WIPs

I’m not sure if there’s already a thread like this buried in the forums, but I thought it might be cool to have someplace to show off any ideas or works in progress. So let’s see what you got, from the roughest thumbnail sketch, to a piece you just finished, post them here.

Here’s an idea that popped into my head tonight

and a character that I doodled a few days ago

great stuff. and great idea.

580x545[/img] sketch.

I really like that layout. Are you going to finish it, or is it just a sketch?

I think it’s a slow developing idea. I love crows, and have 2 or 3 different sketches kind of floating around my sketchbook right now. This one, with the fat crow, is hard to see as being very successful as a shirt design.

on the other hand, I think this is a good concept for the shirt medium:


I always felt like the raven might be lamenting Lenore as much or more than the poet/alchemist.
I’ve been toying with this idea for a long time. I think it needs some background, not just ravens. maybe being on top of a brick wall. not sure. Backgrounds are my nemesis (other than you-know-who ;^) ). I always have trouble with that part of finishing off a design.

Lots of tongue in your sketches. :smiley:

heh. Here’s what I’m working on right now, I’ve replaced the tongues with arrows.

I really like that. I do think it needs something in the BG, but I’m terrible at backgrounds too. Maybe just some abstract shapes behind it, or something would work?

I like the extruded look. and the crown looks terrific. you named it king of kings, but I read it as king of wings. which is it?

King of Kings

heh. I thought it was a followup to the Taco Logo.

//dodges lightning from above.

Graffiti lettering is just like that. Even really basic letters can be hard to recognize sometimes. I couldn’t resist throwing a little color on the first “king” between coloring comic book pages.

Well, time has escaped me in the worst way this weekend, so my idea for the cryptocritter derby will be too late. But I thought I’d post a progress image of him here for fun. I’ll continue working on him and figure out if there’s a venue for him later. If not he’ll make a nice little postcard or something.

Chupacabris Commutis

I post progress things often via Twitpic for those who mill about on the Twitter. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Also, thanks for starting this thread, Odyssey!

That’s coming along nicely. I really dig your style. Thanks for posting that here, hopefully we can keep this thread alive

I think I’d lose the straw. first, people don’t drink coffee with a straw, second, with all those teeth showing, it couldn’t suck through a straw anyway, and third, uh, some other reason that I can’t remember, from just a few seconds ago!

True true. I think I made the straw to get across the whole ‘sucking’ thing, but when I take it away it looks better. Thanks for the catch! I’ll update the image again this evening. I’ve made a good deal of progress on it.

I’m thinking of changing the background element on it though and making it more of a ‘brand’ shirt than a critter shirt. ^^

Here’s one of my WIP’s that I started months ago.

When I (finally) finish it I plan on taking out the outline so it looks like a painting or something. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of having this printed in silver and white.

I really like it. What is it for?

uh… wearing?

Just something that I wanted to design, so I can make my own shirts. I’ll put it on in my storenvy shop once it’s printed.