Ideative Socket Protector 2160 Joule 6 ft. Surge Protector


That thing is funny looking

ooh. Joules.

I am shocked.

LOLOL the outlets look like emoticons going D:

I need a bunch of these for all the tvs

Why diagonal sockets?

So the 2nd or 3rd surge protector huh

In for two. Sorry old woot squids, time to be replaced.

Just what I want for Christmas.

nice concept.

flyin thru products now!

I wonder if this one has any sort of equipment guarantee like most surge protectors.

DAMMIT I was looking for something that could go up to 1.21 Jiggawatts

I would like this in my Bowl Of Cereal.

say what you want, but his is one one the best crap filled woot offs we have had in a while.

I like the squids I bought last year.

so you can fit those big fat power bricks…

i really wanted that sansa and when i cliked to buy it was sold out. that kinda hurt…lol