Ideative Socket Sense 2160 Joule 6ft Surge Protector w/LED



I have this exact surge protector.

The non-blocking adapter feature works great.

yes - been waiting for this!!

at least it is new

Got two of these last wootoff, work great. Buy now!


Should be better than my 5+ year old set I have duct taped together. In for 2.

surge protector come on Woot we can do better and it is not even that good of a deal

Those poor outlets look so scared…

It looks like all my adapters would FUBAR this unit up and keep me from using all the plug ins. I think they aren’t optimally angled for computer usage.

Bring back the Power Squid!

Just used my $5 off coupon on it. Sweet deal after the discount! Thanks woot!

That’s actually a pretty cool surge protector.

Ideative… give me a fucking break.

I want a box of cookies! Or a Sansa Clip for my daughter’s birthday next Monday - and yeah I know it wouldn’t get here in time, but that’s cool.

Cookies! Clip! Cookies! Clip!

d@#$n! Now I’m hungry.

In for three. Hubby is setting up a new reef tank, so all three will be needed.