Ideazon GH-100 Behind-Neck Gaming Headset


No THanks

Already have my Bluetooth headset but thanks Woot.

Off to bed, Can’t loose sleep over a woot off.

oh man… woot off. No!!! Woot, I have homework and sleep i need to get to. How could you do this to me?

YAY woot-oft!

what times the b-a-g----of----c-r-a-p? I need sleep so lets do it early woot. I have a meeting in less than 7 hours, which means I have to get up in six.

Only if the gray guy comes with it :wink:

I love woot-offs. And I’m not complaining, but my last boggy old creature was less than impressive. Check out my video

It’s the woot-off hat trick. Bring on the useless scaffolding!

Hurry buy now,only 97.7% remaining


Just average reviews. Most folks complain about fit and comfort. 12.99 at amazon

Here we go again…

Holy WOOT OFF!!! Aw hell, sleep is over-rated anyways…

Well almost no reviews at amazon and over there the price goes for 13 dollars

Does this thing come with a mouse?

Ok Reviews on Amazon
Goes for $18 there with shipping

Between 12 to 4 PST last day of woot off usually.