Ideazon GH-100 Behind-Neck Gaming Headset

Huh. Somewhere into the ether one of my Quality Posts got discounted.

I wonder if Woot put it into a BeeOhSea on accident.

Silly Woot! My Quality posts are totally important on the internets!

AH-HA! Woot! Has seen the error of its ways and has given it back! Or… I just can’t count.

I blame WootOffs. I can only count to three.

these look like a great buy. but, not for me!


In for 9 with 3 emails just so we can get to the next item before sunrise.

I’m pretty certain they don’t connect to your controller.

These look like they only work with your computer.

I’m in for 3. My old "behind the head"s are wicked uncomfortable and I feel like they are slicing off my ears.

Hopefully these are better and when the kids trash them I won’t give a woot.

These style headsets suck if you wear glasses.

Yesterday was National Pancake Day…free pancakes at IHOP…does that count?

These do not work with xbox.

Is this a nostril mic… looks like Mr. Blu-Ray is using it as one/

No, you’ll need an adapter to use with these with your xbox 360.

Something like this;

There’s an item on Ebay for less.

There may be cheaper alternatives as well.

buy this:

and it will!

I have this thing, and its not shabby!

Wow. That dude is really tiny!

I answered that on page 2. The answer is nah. Really, if you can’t keep up with every comment during a wootoff, you have no place here.

Yes. The connections are both just 3.5mm stereo jacks, one should go into your line-out (headphone) jack, while the other would go best into your line-in. (green and pink, respectively)

Doesn’t look bad, but doesn’t it get in the way or weighs your controller down?

Don’t be silly, take advantage. Buy 3. Then you get 3 items for no more than $19.97.

Yeah, you need like a 2.5mm jack for an XBOX. Try cellphone headsets.

velly funny

Nice. I figured there had to be some adapter out there.

I just received mine in the mail DOA :frowning: im 0 for 2 with woot why do i keep coming back?