Ideazon GH-100 Behind-Neck Gaming Headset


Whoo Hoo wootoff no sleep tonight!!

I’d say my current cans more than fulfill my gaming needs. I have a pair of Everglide S-500s from a prior woot-off, Recently, I got a pair of audio-technica ATH-AD900s, which are noted for their sound stage, a reason many audiophiles also use them for gaming.

But I have to tape the mic I got with the everglides to a paperclip, taped to the housing of the AD900s! Surely this cannot do for gaming with people not in the room.

As such, I am considering purchasing this. I can only hope they sound better than my earbuds.

I’ve managed to score three BOC’s over the course of two years. Two of them contained nothing but utterly worthless junk, but I lucked out with #3 and received a Lexmark 6500 series wireless multifunction printer. Even more amazing, it actually worked. Ya pays yer money n’ ya takes yer chances.

True DAT

Use the example below in my SIG

The link doesn’t work anyway

Is this for one ear or both?

Bring on the flashlights.

I’m too young for that… even though it is a great movie.

the gray guy looks so stern; if i buy one will I be a serious gamer?

whats a woot off?

When will the refurbed magic bullet be up? I need to set my alarm. I don’t want to miss that.

Did somebody say…


stick a fork in me.


we all need to buy three for the team so this carnival can proceed in a calm fashion (somewhat)

i dont know how many folks actually keep “spares” around… but at this price it sure seems like a great idea to me!

Go read this and come back when you’re ready to spend some money.

Down to 50 Hz…Really?

A) I need to take a shower, and then at some point go to sleep (yeah, right…).

B) Those HDMI cables sold out in less than 30 seconds. I can only assume that a similar deal will be next…

C) These headsets (which I’m in for 2) went up at 1206 (or around 35 min ago).

D) They are now approximately half sold.

E) I now have 24 minutes to shower and get back to the computer to catch the next deal.


Fingers… now you see 'em,
now you don’t!