Ideazon Reaper Gaming Mouse



Does anyone know how this compares to the razer copperhead in performance and general awesomeness?


product search at froogle


Prolly not quite as good, but it has more buttons…


Anyone ever owned this brand?


Ideazon Reaper Gaming Mouse
$12.99 + $5 shipping

1 Ideazon Reaper Gaming Mouse ZMS-1000


Hate how all ‘gaming’ mice are all ergonomic toward righties! Just make them neutral so lefties can use them!




sold for $32 here ironically at another yahoo store
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does not look good for a left handed person. anyone have this?


I think the little emblem in the middle lights up when connected to the machine.


Doesn’t seem as good… actually it has fewer buttons and less DPI… even in the highest setting


the razer copperheads are symmetrical, so they are both right and left handed


it’s brand new in retail packaging…definately a step in the right direction!


Dude, are you serious? I’m a lefty, yet of course I would never dream of using my left hand on the mouse! Does this mean you don’t use WASD setup either? Shameful. Truly shameful.


review on the mouse


Welcome to 2008. Get rid of the fing cord and we’ll talk.


Also does anyone know WHY you would want to switch the DPI to a lower setting anyway?


Not enough time in the day to be a gamer. Yet interested, What makes this, For myself an unknow brand "Gaming Mouse ? " Could this be recommended for graphic design ?


I’m a righty, but I’ve always used the mouse on the left.