iDevices Smart Kitchen Thermometer

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iDevices Smart Kitchen Thermometer
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Meh had these a month ago 2 for $15. What gives?

[MOD: They sold the the mini]

This isn’t an amazing deal, but I need something for grilling and smoking this season, so they’ll do. Anyone have any insight into the replacement probe situation?

Does the probe survive inside a hot oven or grill?

Glad I bought them then! Just shows you that Woot is not what it use to be since Amazon took it over.

It truly is worth it to buy the best, and not always wonder if the Temp displayed is Correct - …

You can find a lot of accurate instant read thermometers for a lot less.

They are easy to test too. Put some pure water in a pot and bring to a boil. Give it a few minutes and ensure the water is thoroughly mixed. Take measurement and the temp should be 212F. Also fill a glass with ice and a small amount of cold water. Stir it well. Let it sit in the fridge for a few minuted and then stir it again. Measure and the temp should be 32F. This gives you a good indication of how close your thermometer is in accuracy and how that changes as the temp increases.

Nope, they had the IKT0001P5 which is the “mini” version with a single probe, no readout and sells for 1/3 the price of the IKT0002P5 that Woot is selling.

Exactly. Thank you for clearing it up.

Here’s what Meh had.

Absolutely. I’ve been using the iGrill version (now sold by Weber) for years. They work fine. The only drawback is the limited range of Bluetooth.

This is the same unit, with cosmetic changes, as the Weber iGrill. You can get replacement probes from them I’ve done so myself. I use mine for smoking.

So the description mentions Bluetooth range, but the pics show a wired thermometer.

Does this do both? Only wired? Only Bluetooth?


It says iDevice, but I assume that is just the company name and that it still works with an android phone since it is just a bluetooth connection. Am I correct? Is the app to control this available in the android app store as well as on the iphone?

Weber bought this product line out from iDevices and now sells it as the Weber iGrill, a product I can’t say enough good things about, I am willing to bet the iGrill probes work with this. Also worth mentioning is that the iGrill line has 4 probes and works indoors and out.

Probe has a wire that goes from inside the oven, or grill, to the electronics that sit in a cooler location outside the oven. The Electronics transmit Bluetooth to the app on your phone or tablet.

If I have to open the oven or grill to check I’m wasting heat and slowing my cook. These have wired probes and allow constant monitoring without opening the cooking device so they are way better.

Yup, droid or apple, I use with my droid.

That’s true only at sea level. At higher elevations the boiling point is lower.


I got this one a few woots ago. Pretty nice, but discovered the temp is about 12 degrees off (higher). Tested with same item with two different thermometers, and both of the other read almost the exact same temp as each other, compared to this one. I’ll just have to remember to subtract 12 degrees when using it.