mood: Minion continues. Bananas ; )

Love minions, but the banana placement makes it look like it’s his nose.

Totally agree with you there.

Ditto that.

Nose it is !

This observation is right on the nose. Sorry, I had to go there.

+1 Ha, came to say the same thing. Was it on purpose? How could it not be? Either way, all i can see is a minion with a giant banana nose.


I must be getting old. With out my glasses and before my first cup of coffee, I thought it was sponge bob. time to get the eyes checked again!

i thought it was wooldoor from drawn together…

My first thought was … why is Perry the Platypus … yellow?

Yes, this one for me too.

Banana placement completely ruins this shirt.

I have to laugh at my husband - “umm - if you were thinking about getting me a t-shirt, I’d like that one.”

How do you say no to that???

First Day Sales: 444

Bought this for my wife and love the design. Unfortunately, the image gets lost due to the brown on brown.

have had the same issue with other shirt/print colors (blue, brown, & red)