If a tree falls in the woods

:lol: this will one day become a classic woot shirt to have.

wait, the artist is from beaverton? Would that explain the shirt?

I thought it said “If a tree fails in the woods”.

A minor chuckle but still a chuckle. Nicely simple style.


I’ve fallen…and I can’t get up!

Yeah, I went there anyway.

Ooooh, this is kinda gothy… why does it have to be on green!!!

I need to sleep on it Woot.

Cute. Not to original so not a buy, but I did e.joy it.

Very Nice!
Maybe we can have a follow up “Does a bear sit in the woods” shirt. (Dont think we’d be able to throw that ‘h’ in there.)

The resulting giggle from this shirt woke up my dogs, I hope you’re happy.

A well-known Kōan or Treebeard has fallen.

As a fellow Beavertonian, I will vouch for this maker’s natively innate knowledge of trees. With that kind of a background, this shirt could easily be in a science book. about trees.

Ahh woot! I bought the last shirt in the 11th hour and told myself that would be enough for a week, and now you throw this wonderful design on us?!?!

I think the mail man must be catching on when he sees all the shirt.woot bags!

If only the caption said “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

or perhaps that’s too obvious… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got it right away, very savvy :)I don’t think anyone will hear him XD

The tree fell on Uncle Phil and he hurt it.

Yes, I went there.

Oh shoot… just read the blurb… I guess I foolishly am still thinking “that joke!” LOL

What’s that I hear? Oh it must be the sound of one hand clapping to applaud this shirt’s brilliance!

The artist is from Oregon, that’s where all the hardcore tree-huggers live :wink: