If I Only Had a Brain

Title is an ode to Mike from WootTV?

Brains: not just for zombies anymore!

To Chuck Norris, a zombie apocalypse is just a bonus round (sorry Straw Man).

Not to be confused with The Original Patrickspens Zombie Shirt

I LOL’ed xD

somehow though, the scarecrow is (a lot) creepier than the zombies, I dunno.

Regular zombies can be destroyed if you shoot them in the head. Does anything happen if you shoot this guy or do you need to use a flamethrower?

a heart…
a home…
the nerve…

At least it is comforting to know that we can still use fire.

I’ve heard some cultures eat flying monkey brains, but that really has nothing to do with this scenario. In for one.

Personally I’d go with the Tin Man during the zombie apocalypse to avoid just this kind of incident.

Blonde moment alert : When I first saw it, I thought “I’ve seen this before”…then I rememeber “DUH, it’s from the derby”


This writeup would make Harold Arlen proud. (the Oz songwriter, for those who don’t know!)

How did a dude made of straw break down a whole freakin door?

This is the BEST shirt I’ve seen on here in months, literally. Great job!

Thank god he wasn’t a zombie when he met Dorothy!

Rule 22: When in doubt know your way out.

Yeah I’ve got that shirt. I can’t buy this one cause having the same zombies and brains chat bubble thingy would be weird.

Since I also have Acquired Taste, purchasing this one too was a no-brainer …

… and thus, there will be no point for zombies (or a scarecrow) to come after me. :slight_smile:

Dorthy Gripped the shotgun tightly in her hands, read to make her last stand in the old home from Kansas. If it could take out a witch, then maybe the old homestead could protect her one last time. She breifly remembered the grim events.

At first, the Wizard said the virus could be contained. When munchkin land fell to the zombie plague though, all of Oz knew that the end was only a matter of time before the end came.

She cursed the lion for his cowardice, he fled the for the hills at the first sign of trouble.

The tinman was more noble about the whole thing and went down swinging his axe while trying to protect her. She used the bits that the zombies didn’t take and melted it down for extra material for the nails.

And Scarecrow. Scarecrow that scumbag. He was the source of the plauge.

She should have seen it coming.