If Monday Went Live

This shirt has the feels.

Colors suit the moods

i don’t get it…but, please, more black shirts! and totes! or any totes! let’s have a totes sale, please… :slight_smile:

If Garfield shopped at woot…

I dont get it eother. The word monday with a bunch of emojis? It it just people arw mad and unhappy on mondays?

ever heard of facebook live? Theres the emoji/like icons that float through as people like your video while watching; this is no one liking mondays. The title “If Mondays went live” makes the shirt!

thank you! now it makes sense. i know what fb live is but i’ve never seen it as i don’t use facebook.

Monday Monday
can’t trust that day…

Is the tote not available any longer?

Correct. Special items are only available on the first day of the sale.