If You Die

That cat looks like it already ate a family member. Chubby cuteness comes at a cost.

Golly… what a thoughtful & considerate cat!

(Congrats on the print, Randy! :slight_smile:

It’s a scary thought that such has actually happened before.

Meat’s meat and a cat’s gotta eat.

I’m always telling our cat, “If we all die, I want you to eat me first”

“Or if you oversleep. Or if you’re petting me for too long. Or hey, just because.” - Every cat

I was just getting ready to say, the best part about this shirt is it is completely true.

Strange, I received my shirt yesterday but it came on a black t-shirt instead of silver as described in the product info. Print quality was pretty bad too including another shirt I bought at the same time.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

A link to photos of the shirt will speed things up.