If you get tired of talking to yourself


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Always good to have as many outlets for speech as possible.


But we have so much in common.


//sets fire to legge

//sets fire to proboards51.com


Do you like s’mores?


that’s one fired up rodent


reflexive, sorry - just have a tendancy to burn site pimping.


But, didn’t you see the Oscars?
And, finally, the artistic acknowlegement of how hard it is to be a pimp?


Go ahead DM light her up.


If you get tired of talking to yourself…talk to one of your other selves.


is that healthy?


YOU tell me.


I I asked because I dont know the answer to that one.


Yeah, talking to yourself is fine. If you think the little voices in your head are real, then you have a problem 8-D


yeah, really taking the time to develop the little voices…that’s a problem

I wonder how many fall into that category on woot with their pseudonyms? Hopefully no one has that much time on their hands!


I think the problems start when they answer


nah. The problems start when you start doing what they tell you.

“just stay up until 1:00 tonight- it might be a random big ole bag of random detritus”


Ralph: “That’s my swingset, and that’s my sandbox. I’m not allowed to go in the deep end. And this is where I met the leprechaun.”
Bart: “Right, the leprechaun.”
Ralph: “He told me to burn things”.


the fat little golden-furred leprechaun…


All my little voices in my head are saying “shut up, and quit making fun of us.”


torch the little bastards.