If you had to buy a house from a realtor that happened to be an animal, what species would you hire?

If you had to buy a house from a realtor that happened to be an animal, what species would you hire?

I would love an Ape. That would be cool.

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A wise owl. Hopefully it will accept payment in tootsie pops.


I kinda want to buy a house from Eeyore. He would totally undersell the place and say I wouldn’t want to buy from him, anyway, but he’s so cute I would. I totally would.


A wolf.

An eagle, and if he landed on the house I’d know it was the right one for me!

Sociable weaver


I would hire a Bigfoot. I would live such a serene peaceful life! And just my existence would drive people mad, because they could never find me. I would dive-bomb photos, infamously blurred. Ahh, yes. A Bigfoot for sure.

Not to mention, they are Oregon natives. I think Ive got a good shot!

Carpenter ant , of course.

Ok, so a realtor is a sales person…
Sales people are not always the most trust worthy, their lively hood is selling you something you may or may not want or need. Even sales people must admit that they know sales people that care more about closing, than about the needs of the sucker.
A dog would be super excited about everything. You could point out faults and they would just agree and go fetch you five more listings. They would be cool with whatever you say, they just get a kick out of hanging out with you.
A cat couldn’t be bothered. They would unlock the house and go set in the breakfast nook, checking their phone while you walk around. If you have questions, they would jot them down and “get back with you” If you reach back out to get the answers, they would say they left a message and are waiting to hear back, which means, “oh, you might be interested? Ok, I’ll call in a few minutes”
A bear would follow your lead, if you like it, they would like it, if you pointed out problems, they would point out even more.
An owl would point out all the problems and explain the cost to fix each and everyone.
A donkey would just try to hit on your wife.
A cougar would just try to hit on your husband.
A snake would try to get your personal information and get a little too chummy, a little too rapidly.


A monkey, they are fun and cute. Also love trees as much as I do!

A cheetah - at least I would know what I am getting upfront vs a wolf in lambs clothing

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I’m thinking an elephant. For all the reasons.

I thought wolf was good because of the huff n puff n blow the house down bit. So maybe the 3rd pig is the best choice :thinking::sweat_smile:


a mouse…
here and there in the walls, ceilings, basement…
electrical system… plumping problems… cracks in the foundation…holes in the roof etc…
best house inspector ever. lol


Along the same lines - never Winnie. I have always absolutely adored Winnie (and am a believer in the Tao of Pooh) but he’d convince me to buy a property condemned for demolition and be happy about it!

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I can’t believe I didn’t think of the obvious choice 'til now - Tom Nook of course!

A coyote, a chuppacabra or Steppenwolf would be interesting
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I feel like they would be for you if you are their client

A real-tortoise.

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That’s an awful pun and I love it.

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