If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail


5 Weeks and still no 3x shirts. please woot on behave of all cheeseburger loving people please get 3x shirts in (and 1x woman shirts for the lady’s with the big gazongas)


The artist is awesome, I’d probably buy this if it were on a different colored shirt.

If you don’t get it, it looks like the chainmail is unraveling. As the chainmail unravels, so does the fighter within. It’s a visual joke.


i too like the weezer reference, but i cant picture this as a girls shirt. sigh


The weezer song is a classic…not a bad tee


reminds me of the ytmnd medieval fad… and if it was a medieval woot shirt i’d totally buy it…


This looks like my friends 3 year old Daughter drew this and we used an Iron On to do the shirt.

This is truly sad.


Cool visual, I like the idea and execution, but…

Someone should not have to be 2 feet from your shirt to get it. This get a lot of laughs if you were to post it on a renaissance fair website, but doesn’t make good fodder for tee.


The beige isn’t the greatest, but it matches tapestry colors. Clever though, I got one.


Well, that’s what most medieval tapestry art looks like… It wouldn’t be as awesome if the image was drawn in a more contemporary style.


Mybe it’s a conversation piece… You’re at Medival Times some really hot Wench walks by and asks what that shirt all about, then you tell her about the song. Only to find out later in the back seat of your car, the girl is actaully the sister of the lead singer of Weezer.



This looks like a medieval fashion police shirt. Add “Halt in the name of fashion” on the front, and “Medieval Fashion Police” on the back and you’re all set.


How could you NOT get the reference?
And how could you NOT buy this shirt?


I suppose I pull the latter off by having a desire to spend my money on things that are worthy of it. Everybody’s doin’ it. You should try it.


I would have made my DH very happy with this shirt, if you would carry the larger sizes as you’ve been promising.


it’s not as good a design as the “snakebite” or a few others before that. I am also curious what it has to do with chain mail…it’s hard to decipher the drawings meaning


I agree. Not spending my $10 bucks on this one. But I check every day…so, did one of the comments explain the artwork on the shirt yet?


I like this comment…witty. Good job.


I’m somewhere in between “that’s ridiculous” and “looks cool but i’d never spend $10 on it” – this is the best one so far!


song sounds way way better than the shirt, but I guess, I would need to hear the melody…


agreed. Sorry I didn’t understand the weezer reference sooner. what type of music do they play?