if you want to laugh



it’s not my auction. you just need to see the picture in the auction. lol


Would anyone admit to being that person? Ewwww! Time to bleach my corneas again!




I bet it is you…


you’d bet wrong. i’m not that bold or desperate.


Wow, I’d never touch that PS.

Who knows where it’s been?



Opening bid $1,000! No wonder he has no bids.


As long as it is still sealed, you could just throw away the box.


or burn it, yeah


He promised that no part of his body had touched the box.
He looks trustworthy…ish…maybe…


Uh huh.

No way would i touch that ps, even if i were to be so dumb as to pay that kind of $$ for it.



He looks like a Bubba. Someone should close that lid. Does it close?


Uh…you do it, pooflady.



Damn, ebay pulled it. I wanted to see if he got a bid yet. Also wanted to see if he was really going to move the box the next time he had to list it.