iFly Heli GYRO 3.5CH RC Helicopter

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iFly Heli GYRO 3.5CH RC Helicopter
$25.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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First Heli ever owned and it falls apart and the app is horrible. This is a no buy.

so what you’re saying is…DO NOT WANT!

What’s the minimum iOS required?

Was actually going to buy one as a gift until I noticed that it’s iOS only…

These looked nicer than the ones previously for sale.


Darn, I was hoping this was a helicopter that controlled an iphone.

I bought the blue heli when it was previously on woot to use with my iPhone. It’s a very fun heli, but I wouldn’t suggest it for young kids because it’s harder to fly compared to others, since you can’t feel any buttons.

Received one of these in my last boc. Flew very well. Took about two flights to get controls down. Have had plenty of fun. Also seems very durable crashed it into ceiling, ground, including one nasty tail spin fall and has held up well.

Doesn’t have extremely precise controls, but good enough to have fun while sitting around.

Looks like iOS 3.0 or later

I bought one of these and ended up returning it. It’s laggy…and then you crash it. Not worth it and any cost.

Don’t forget about Cat and Ducky Present:The Summer of Woot Blockbuster Spectacular! game in Everything But Woot. It ends with the Woot-Off, whenever that might be.

Yes with a “C”
Even bought the Hobbytron replacement parts for these and blew through those too.
I did buy the S107’s during this woot off. 2 in fact. Hoping for some real flying fun.

the s107 is a fantastic heli… got one awhile ago. Love it.

Don’t get lured by iPhone integration. The app sucks. The S107 is far better–a very solid machine. Besides I actually find flying via controllers more fun than an iPhone screen.

Completely agree… I bought one of these a couple of months ago and there is so much lag with the iphone app, it makes it damn near impossible to control.

There’s no lag with the Android app. By which I mean, when I move a control, the helicopter does nothing instantly. -^P

Seriously, I can’t get this thing to work with any of my Android devices (three phones, so far). Transmitter transmits (as verified with a webcam) but helicopter just won’t respond. I’m going to try to get support from the distributor. You can watch the disaster unfold here:


Geez! DO NOT purchase this piece of crap. Nothing works with any of the Android apps available on the Market. This will definitely go on my “Buyer’s Remorse” list. Piece of junk!!!