iGadget Sudoku Electronic Puzzle Game

product: 1 iGadget TY-425 Sudoku Electronic Puzzle Game

$0.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

In for three of anything that is 99 cents.

plus $5 for that shipping

Considering the price, this is a great one. Amazon has some that get decent reviews, but they’re all super expensive (aka more than $3)…

Hmmm, it is really close but I think that I would rather keep my dollar. Most of the warnings are pretty much right on target.

wow i would buy it if i could get for $4. i have no use for 3 though =/ . unless i get mad and throw one or 2. lol

At first I was mad because I just ordered an electronic Sudoku game yesterday for my mother-in-law’s birthday. But after reading that description, it might be better that I didn’t see this first.

i really don’t understand woot’s business plan
1: buy cheap crap
2: tell people it’s crap
3: ???
4: profit!
5: BOC

I wonder if it’s worth it just to get the no-name batteries.

Not if they’re corroded. But if you buy 3, then you can probably get enough good batteries together to make one work, without having to spend more money on new batteries!

Yeah, but they get $5 shipping fee for each order and they must get some $ for the ads on the page. Someone must click through to the DOD Tracker ad. Yahoo may give them some coin for just running the site. Besides, money on the web doesn’t have to make sense.

Interesting…Most reviews at but claim only 3 games (1 for each level)…However, one person posted this:

4 of 5 Neat hand-held toy Wednesday, July 16, 2008
A Customer from Monterey, CA
This toy is neat for the price. Instructions could have been better written for proper English and explanation of functions.** Frustrating, but finally found different games by pressing “0”.** The flashing cursur is hard to find sometimes. The directional arrows sometimes stick. Overall, good value and good toy.

Still sounds like a longshot and a POS, but at least there is a million to 1 chance that there might be more than 1 game per level…Would be nice if woot could actually try the ‘0’ key and see if it does change the puzzle or not…becasue the ‘0’ key might just be changing the level (and hence the puzzle), but who knows…

I see you have 11-25 woots yourself, they must be doin somethin right

its a social experiment woot is running to see if we will buy utter carp as long as it is cheap.

From the looks of the map already, it looks like the answer is a resounding yes.

Damn, this IS perverse! Gotta save this page as the Worst/Best product description ever. I almost want to buy one for that reason alone, and have it mounted in a nice frame on the wall.

In the old days it might be worth it just to part it out, but with surface mount components those days are over, unless you’re handier at electronics than I am. Still…arrrgh…no! Must…resist…cheap…crapp.

Hey…at least give them credit for their honesty. How many companies and salespeople try to separate you from your hard-earned green by overstating or even blatantly lying about their products’ qualities and capabilities.

Kudos, woot! for running straight up and only trying to take our money by tempting us with prices so low, we’re willing to give in even when you tell us we’re getting ripped off.

Couldn’t resist, in for 3!!

Easy to resist, these are completely useless. I got these from another deal-o-day site to give them as stocking stuffers and they are so bad I just threw them in the trash instead of besmirching my good name (whatever that means). They are essentially unplayable. The cursor is hard to see, they are NOT touch screen, you can’t pencil in, etc. - all the things I consider basic must-haves for an electronic Sudoku game are missing. At least Woot! is telling it like it is - these aren’t good enough for bags of crap even.