IGI Certified Genuine Diamond Earrings - Free Returns

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IGI Certified Genuine Diamond Earrings - Free Returns
Price: $94.99 - 2729.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Feb 03 to Wednesday, Feb 04) + transit
Condition: New


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A THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR Woot!? This sure ain’t your Grandma’s Woot, eh Amazon?

Shipping kills this deal.

I’m pretty sure the massive inclusions in the diamonds are what’s killing this deal. Seriously, these are barely above industrial grade.

No one doesn’t like diamonds!!!

(I know, it’s a double negative, so I’ll translate:)

EVERY SINGLE WOMAN (or girl) with pierced ears would ADORE getting diamond stud earrings.

(I just hope DH sees this in time!!)


Please explain. How have you arrived at this conclusion?

Sounds like you need to do some diamond research before you spend any money on diamonds.

The description clearly states:

Diamond Clarity: I1-I2 (0.33CTTW)
Diamond Clarity: I2-I3 (all other sizes)
Diamond Color: I-J

Basically what the clarity means is what “inclusions” you can see in the diamond. I1, some can see with the naked eye with no magnification. I2 and I3 can be easily seen with the naked eye with no magnification. This sale seems to only have small diamonds (0.33 CTW) that have a chance at I1. Here is a chart (from IGI, which is the certifier here) showing the Clarity rankings: http://www.igiworldwide.com/igi/images/clarity.JPg

Also, the color of the diamonds are I or J. Go to a jewelry story and look at an I or J compared to a D, E, F or even G.

Happy diamond shopping.

“Diamond Education” from Blue Nile


I thought these were blue diamonds at first. Then I realized it was the toilet that was blue… Geez

Great info.
For the (lack of) quality, do you think these are a good price?

For the love of humanity, Woot. Stop ripping people off. These diamonds are awful. So many complaints about an earlier sale. I thought I had got my wife some lovely earrings. Instead they were, truly awful. Spend some money of crystal and you will get a better deal. These are the worst diamond grade - Murky, huge black spots.

I have asked Woot to apologise for misleading advertisements, but they refused. So facebook and twitter to shame them. It is just awful that a reputable company like Amazon is trading on such false advertising as the pictures attached to this Woot.
Please, please, look at the ratings of diamonds, and think whether the gifts will so appreciated when the diamond have obvious black spots, no sparkle, and look musty and cloudy. Shame on Woot that even after so many complaints, it still goes on.

See customers’ comments on an earlier sale of same quality diamonds here

Honestly, if you are truly in the market for diamonds, do yourself a favor and, after doing some research, just purchase from a reputable source like Blue Nile or a real jeweler… even Costco sells quality diamonds these days…

For this kind of money/investment, you want to do it correctly, imho.

Ok first (from a long time goldsmith and gemologist), IGI is most definately not the most trusted name in certificates. GIA or AGS are. No idea if IGI is better than EGL, but that wouldn’t be saying much. EGL certs are a joke. The sample they showed here is also, if the ones they send with these just give estimates of total weight, a clarity and color range. Why bother. And there’s no info on the cut quality or proportions. Then, to the stones. IJ color is not great, but could be worse. But I2-I3 clarity sucks. There’s a reason these are in earrings instead of a ring. Those stones will show easily seen flaws to the naked eye, enough so that the appearance will be significantly less than a clearer stone, and these may be more fragile too. Price may be OK, but hard to say without actually seeing them. Those listed retail prices are pretty high though. Do your homework. Blue Nile is one place, or www.tradeshop.com is another site with a good diamond search engine for price comparisons (and they’re about as cheap as you’ll find on the net) for the record, I knew the guy who started it, but have no interest beyond that. And there are plenty of others.

Order mail order Jewelry for $2,800? Umm…Woot…I don’t think so…

I spent quite bit of time discussing diamonds with a jeweler I did radio ads for. He refers to the lowest grade cheapies as “frozen spit.”

He also said to look at the diamond from the BOTTOM, not the top to see material trapped inside that lowers value.

And finally, he confided that -no matter what they tell you- when buying a diamond, you ALWAYS end up paying retail and when you trade-in or sell you ALWAYS only get the wholesale price.

I have purchased “I” graded stones in earrings before, once. I fell for the “you’ll never notice the inclusions when she’s wearing them” line. I looked at the stones and convinced myself what they were saying made sense.

It didn’t, you could, I won’t ever again.

This is the day that Woot! has truly died to me. Goodbye old friend.

I didn’t think too much of the grading system until I compared my wife’s ring against a friend of hers.

The cut, clarity, color make a HUGE difference. Their rings are very similar styles and my wife is constantly complimented on it while the other is not. It’s very obvious just looking at them.

PAY attention to these rankings, they are there for a reason.