Igloo Ice Makers - Your Choice

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Igloo Ice Makers - Your Choice
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought one of these here 5 years ago. After a year it lost most of its refrigerant so I installed a charging fitting to the low side and was able to add R134A/leak stop. After 3 years the water tray dumping mechanism failed (common problem) and had to be repaired. It’s still working but I think its time has come. These make ice bullets that melt fairly quickly but it’s better than nothing.

dies in 3 months

Well, I’m here to complain about what passes for “Specs”. I see a lot of attention is given to “Features”. Today, Specs get four lines, 50% of which tell us:

The other two lines tell us how big and how heavy; those are what I would call specs. But how about some other practical info? Does it run from a USB port? 12 V plug in a car? 120V outlet? And how many watt-hours does it consume when making those 26 pounds of ice?

This problem applies to a lot of what you sell. This is just an example. Fortunately for you, I’m limited in the amount of time I have to complain about this sort of thing.

There. I feel better already.

Agreed, I’m on my second one. The first one was DOA. My current one now always says the bin is full.

You my be one of the most retarded wooters in the history of woot. Does it run from a usb port? Do you really think 5 volts DC could power an ice maker? Does it run from a 12 volt plug in? Again, do you really think you could run an ice maker from 12 volts DC? 120 volt outlet? Ding Ding we have a winner! Anyone with half a brain could figure that out. I’m assuming woot figured most people would have the brain power to know that this was a household appliance and not being a large appliance the average person, or even the below average person would assume that it ran on 120V AC power. As far as the power consumption, it is a tiny ice maker, are you really that concerned about how much power it consumes? The only thing I would slightly worry about here is how long will this last before it dies. Others have answered and it is really easy to find information these days so I’ll probably not be buying one but I’ve very much enjoyed my little rant.

There. I feel better already!

I have a cabin who’s sole electricity source is a small generator and battery bank along with a small (I mean really small) solar backup. I agree that electrical appliances should always have their power consumption listed. It’s a pretty common spec. I like the idea of a small ice maker that works in 6 minutes, but without knowing the power requirements it’s a deal breaker. (Well, that, and the fact that they seem to break a lot…)

You do realize you are contradicting yourself, right? You bemoan this person for wanting more detailed information about the unit and accuse him/her of being stupid about it consuming too much power for USB/12V DC, yet then you tell him/her that it has negligible power consumption. I’m far more interested in hearing about people’s experiences with this product and it doesn’t seem to much to ask for the product specifications. It is, after all, the way most retailers sell items online…

I think those questions were just examples of what kind of information is available for products as opposed to a blank slate. Anyway, I have a huge one of these that I take in my pop-up camper. I have been wanting a smaller one because that thing takes up so much room in my tow vehicle and the camper itself. I think the amount of ice it makes compared to the big one is close enough to make up for the size difference. If not, I can go buy a bag!

Bought one of these last week at a warehouse club that rhymes with ham’s. It was $30 more. We’ve used it once so far and have no complaints. It’s about the size and weight of a bread maker. This won’t provide ice for an all night party but it works for the two of us. Can’t comment on durability. I bought the 3 year extended warranty that the warehouse club offered just in case.

He was being funny and sarcastic, methinks.

Even more basic: How the heck does the water necessary to make the ice get in there? Also, too,[Sarah Palin] isn’t the fact that so many of these reconditioned units are available a clue that they may need frequent reconditioning? This does not look like a good deal any way you look at it, including the price.

Bought this as a stopgap before getting my refrigerator icemaker repaired. It didn’t want to start the second summer. I found a site on google that instructed to hold down buttons (can’t remember which ones) for 15 sec. It restarted, and then worked until the refrig icemaker was fixed.

The USB port is funny, ONLY considering the quantity of ice it makes. I am actually developing a 6 cube ice make that will run from a 2 amp cell phone USB type charger…the current available from the USB port in your PC is controlled by the processor and way to unreliable.

As to running of off 12 Volt, Coleman and others sell coolers that run off of your 12 volt car outlet for truckers and campers (cigarette lighter outlet) so a dedicated ice maker would not be a difficult alternative.

I am curious to hear more about your USB powered one. For one thing, what is the target market?

You’re completely right about the 12V thing. I have a 400W inverter in my car. That will run almost anything, though the box says if you want to run a washing machine, you should get the 800W or 1200W model.

I bought one of these (the 102) for this price in early July. It was also reconditioned, but it ran flawlessly all summer and hopefully will do the same next year. Made plenty of little ice-thimbles for me, but probably would not be able to keep up with a family.