Igloo MaxCold Vertical Lunch & 12-Can Cooler Bundle

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Igloo MaxCold Vertical Lunch & 12-Can Cooler Bundle
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Great price.

in for 3 thanks woot

I long for the old days when a lunch box came with a thermos. This one is just a large insulated bag.

How did Woot know i needed a cooler. These are good however I need a 30 can size. Maybe i can sew them together. Yes… Only if I knew what I was doing…

Wish I could pull the tigger on this one, but I only need a lunch cooler being that I have many soft and hard coolers is God knows how many sizes. Anything above $15 I think is too high when I only need the lunch cooler.

Please include this in the next woot off :wink: and we can play the price is right game!

I just bought one of these sets as my 100th Woot purchase.

I really wanted #100 to be a Bag Of Carp in the last Woot-Off, but alas the system timed out before my order made it all the way through. So #100 is now a lunch bag without a thermos.

I’ve learned to live without a thermos…I always had the one with the glass insides and would invariably drop my lunchbox breaking the thermos. I never had one more than a week.

These should come with an Igloo Freezer\Ice pack that you throw in the freezer.

Happy 100th. Here’s to 100 more:

In for 1, will replace something I’ve used for the last decade…

My lunch keeps getting stolen at work. If these came with locking systems, I’d be in for one for sure.

I used to have a Thermos exactly like the one in the middle of the photo. That picture brings back warm memories of a time when products were made in America and made to last.

Having trouble finding anything on these 2 models, so probably close outs.

Here’s the support page for Igloo in general:


The best I can get so far to an apples-for-apples comparison is their line of MaxCold coolers that they sell now:

http://www.igloocoolers.com/All-Coolers and select MaxCold under the Series & Collections section on the left.

I have the 320 can size ice chest. Much easier to load back on the truck after camping that it is before.

With such comic-strip-esque write-ups, Woot! ought to try an illustrated one sometime for a change of scenery.

Apropos of nothing, these sorta look like the old Pan Am stewardess luggage.

Looks like it might solve my little conundrum with taking food to work. Seems to be spacious enough to hold what I need and with separate pockets, can easily organize.

“Vertical lunch”… Is that code for something?