iGo Auto Adapter Bundle for iPod or iPhone



iGo Auto Adapter Bundle for iPod or iPhone

$3.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New iGo Auto Adapter Bundle for iPod or iPhone, for $3.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x iGo IPODA8KIT Auto Adapter Bundle for iPod/iPhone

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does it work with ipod touch?


These sell for 30 bucks at radioshack, I cant even get them for this price with my discount. buy buy buy!


If they work with the iPhone, they work with the iPod touch. It’s the same type of charger adapter.


Thanks, yeah thats what I thought.


These are pretty handy, but they really getcha with the attachments, sorta like the printer/print cartridge fiasco.


This works with any A-series iGo tip… I’m REALLY tempted on this one since it would save serious glove compartment space (for 3 separate car chargers)

it’s a steal at this price, even if you end up throwing away the included iPod/iPhone tip.


What does the tip do? and this works on newest ipod models? Idk what generation they are on :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely the TRUTH!!! Get three if you’re smart. THe tip alone is worth $10 at an iGo kiosk or Radshak. I have given several away to noobs that lost their phone charger. All tips are available for cheeeep. GET THIS ONE!!!


Look into this. If you have lots of chargeable devices and want one source in the car to charge them all, this works (for me). I also have the dongle that allows charging two devices at once. The tips aren’t cheap but I keep the equivelent of seven chargers in a sunglass case (the various tips.) I pack car chargers into a storage container as soon as I get the tip from radio shack.


I was going to buy, but needing to keep a dock in the car is just an unbelievably dumb requirement.
Who would keep a dock in the car? That’s what the auxillary jack and cup holder are for!!


What do you mean keeping a dock in the car?


I’m in for two. I already have one charger for my car, so I thought my wife would like one (she has an iPod) and I got a spare one for my gadget bag (I can use the tip with my daughter’s iPod in an emergency).

This is a great price for a new one. They’re $20 at the iGo site without a tip, and probably $30 at Radio Shack with a tip. Get the dual splitter for $10 and you can charge two devices – and it’s still cheaper than any other place I’ve seen.


I have had multiple chargers from Belkin and a few other companies that I paid over $20 for, and each one has crapped out at some point. Then I went to $5 Below at my local mall and bought a car charger for my iPod for $3. That one has lasted a year and is going strong. I don’t understand people that say this is worth $30…I understand how the multiple tips would be useful, but I got a car charger with my phone for free and only have that and my iPod to charge. Two chargers is not a big deal; there are compartments in cars for storage. shrug


People say it’s worth $30 because, as we’ve said above, that’s what stores charge for it. What’s hard to understand?

As for storage, the glove compartment and console storage in my Mustang are packed already, and the cup holders have stuff in them, too. Of course, not many people probably use two GPS systems in their car…

(Read more about the setup at my site.)


Has anyone actually TRIED to charge their iPod Touch or iPhone with this or another similar charger?

If you have, you might know that most DO NOT WORK with the iPod Touch or iPhone, even when they claim to be compatible!


Apple decided that they would build the iPhone/iPod Touch software so that it needed to exchange a quick “greeting” when plugged in via USB before it would accept a charge. That’s why iPhones and iPod Touches don’t charge on linux without drivers, or if you just plug it into a USB hub. The only way around it is to trick the iPod into thinking it’s properly connected by pulling down the voltage across a couple of pins in the connector; only then will it decide to start charging.

What does this mean?

This car charger likely does not satisfy the above requisite for proper charging, and you will get a beautiful cord with a DC car jack on it that fits into your iPod Touch/iPhone…and that’s it…plug it in, nothing happens.

Don’t believe me? Do your own research!


True words, all. But know this: Boxwave made an adapter which does exactly what smileyborg was saying. It’s $8 and I had to buy one for the VersaCharger Pro I got once my Touch came in, but it definitely works and does the job.
Here’s a link, don’t know of anyone else who has these (if anyone does, can you post a link?):
Ipod Touch/Iphone Adapter for USB lines


I have a Belkin adapter that was made for iPod, not iPhone and thus doesn’t give the proper “greeting.” Every time I plug it in, it get a note saying “This wasn’t made for the iPhone, want to go to Airplane Mode?” If I hit the no button or just ignore it for 5 seconds, the note goes away and the device charges fine.

I’m willing to bet that this adapter does the same thing, if it has any “problems” at all. It probably works great with the iPhone. Looks like a good deal, but I don’t need one today.