iGo Battery Charger with 8 Batteries

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iGo Battery Charger with 8 Batteries
$7.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Ughhhhhhhhhh… -dies-


If only i hadn’t bought one a couple of weeks ago. Really good deal.

Does anyone know how long these charges last?

Just don’t throw them at people

How is the life on these batteries?

are these good for mac mouse, keyboard, and touchpad?

Have they ever gone a full day without a BoC?

Sweet! I had one of these from a previous woot and it’s a really nice set- picking up a second one.

Beware of cheap batteries.

yes. in the past it was just once per woot-off, even if it was three day woot-off, just once. (usually the last day)

Yes, there have been Woot-offs with no BOCs or monkeys. And yes, people complained.

My worry is that since they did the birthday crap recently, they won’t do it for this Woot-off.

I’ve bought these twice from Woot. They work great and the charge lasts almost as long as a regular alkaline battery.


Lasts about 1.5-2 months in my Xbox 360 controllers seeing daily use through my house. The initial charge held for quite some time longer than that.

Also, good deal, I think I paid $15 for mine.

2000 mAh. That’s higher than duracel but not as high as some of the NiMh batteries that have as much as 2500 mah.

for those asking- I use mine for my wireless keyboard & mouse for my imac and they seem to last pretty well- that computer gets heavy use and I think I can go a couple weeks between battery swaps. For stuff like my tv remote that doesn’t get used as often, the battery life is much longer-maybe have to change out every month or two?

These have worked very well for me in my Xbox controllers and LED flashlights. My camera burned through them pretty quickly though.