iGo Battery Charger with 8 Batteries

Pretty good. They’re alkaline rechargables, so they last longest if you recharge them frequently, instead of draining them all the way down like other batteries.

I use them in my Xbox controllers. Every couple days I swap them out for a different set and throw the old ones on the charger. Worked great for a while now.

Good enough. Boughten.

good deal for uses in remotes and such not for digital cameras and things like that! ROCK CHALK

nice i needed some for the icon rogue 2 i bought a little bit ago on here

I assume the charger is 120VAC line and there is not 12V input option.

Did I miss the source voltage? If not, that would be pretty good to put in the specs.

iGo uGo for green crapola.

Is a really great price for 8 rechargeable batteries.

I think they are at least 2x this much just buying name brand batteries.

Sold over 100 - still 80% left. At least they are selling fast.

Agreed. Anything requiring a lot of power like cameras and flash/ speedlights would not do well with these batteries.

Do they have a long life, or do you find they need recharging more frequently fairly soon on their lifespan?

ive heard good things, gonna pick up at least 1

finally something I can use.

Comments from a previous woot where it sold for 9.99 + shipping.

The community aspect of Woot is GENUIS. I mean, I almost feel like I should buy some batteries just to /belong/.

What is this word… Boughten??

When was that? I missed it.

I bought a couple of sets of these for a variety of uses.

In my wireless mouse and keyboards, they are stellar seemingly lasting as long as regular alkalines. Highly recommended.

I also use them in my hotshoe mounted flash (Canon 550EX). They don’t do quite as well as non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, but at the price they are still recommended unless you are going to be a long way from a power source for recharging.

FWIW, I picked up two sets (two chargers/16 batteries) in January and they are all rocking.

Couple months back actually I believe.

belonging to this community is not worth 13 bucks. jk? maybe

make sure not to put these batteries in any other charger (yeah I know read directions), they will leak