iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries

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iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Bought these on a previous woot-off… was the charger that holds 4 batteries, and come with 8 AA batteries total. Absolutely worth the money!!! I charged them then, and haven’t had to recharge them since (that was two months ago)

Unless I’m doing Romney math, isnt $19.99+5.00= $24.99?

I would use this in my Prison Batter Smuggler costume. Hopefully latex gloves are next up.

They are 2000 mah if anyone is interested…

+1 for these bad boys. I bought them from woot (twice) and they work great in wireless mouse, xbox, etc. Totally worth it. Might go in for this just to get the AAAs.

EXACTLY what I was wondering, thanks much!


23.74 here

Model AC05107-0001

22.79 free shipping on amazon

The AAAs are 800, I think.

I have this set, and the 4 space charger too.

Can anyone vouch for the charger?

Really like this rig - doesn’t hog the outlets like the old version did, really easy to mount even with some sticky tape, and I NEVER have to answer the question: Where are the batteries.

Also, shockingly fast shipping last time around (appears drop shipped for Woot.)

And finally, even after the older version’s batteries were sitting in the package for over a year, just pulled some out, and they are still fully charged. There’s something I’ve never been able to say for any other rechargeables I’ve ever had.

Yes, and they are 22.79 on Amazon w/free shipping.

Is it possible to have too many rechargeable batteries? I just bought a dozen Duracell AAAs in a recent Woot, and 8 Kodak AAs in one before that, so now I have a stack of spare chargers…

Not sure what you mean.

24.99 x .20 = 4.998
24.99 - 4.998 = $19.99

So you get the item 20% off before the shipping costs. $19.99 + $5.00 shipping is better than $24.99 + $5.00 shipping.

in case anyone missed it, these are NOT nimh, but rechargeable alkaline (manganese) batteries…which means they have the same low self-discharge (lsd) properties and higher voltage (1.5 vs. 1.2), but tend to start losing their capacity around 25-50 cycles, versus at least 250-1000 for most nimh batteries.

in other words, they’re no eneloops/duraloops, but at this price, hey…

Any idea how many recharge cycles you get out of these? The iGo website was uninformative.

Don’t forget about the extra 8 AA batteries.

and there are 2 shipping options so you can receive them before Hurricane Sandy destroys your town next(if you live on the East Coast) week!

I have so many chargers…where they r … Hmmm…but I always look at % off and you save little on this one…but glad it works well…I did get a duracell charger came with batteries…know that is good brand…this probably is too.