iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries

Man, either the status bar is jammed or they have a butt-load of these to get rid of.

The spec I was looking for in the specs. These are not going to be great for high powered electronics or things like speedlights which is what I needed them for.

Exactly my point

but that one only comes with 4 AA where as this one comes with 12!

8 Batteries included on Amazon

Yes… my bad. Sorry about that. The link I clicked said 12 but the page doesn’t.

Do I need 8 extra AA batteries though? I’ll ponder that for a moment.

That AMAZON deal only comes with 4 x AA and 4 X AAA so you get 8 more AAs on this Woot Deal. But still not fabulous opportunity. (Unless you have already let the $5 Shipping Genie out of the bottle)

The Kohl’s version only has 4 AA,not 12 AA liek the Woot version.

Bought these last time and they really have paid off. Great Item. Batteries hold the charge for, well I have not had to recharge them yet. Digital Camera, Remote controls, Flashlights, etc. Just a great product.

Wow, still 100% left… see you in about 5 hours.

Wasted my money on these once. They don’t hold a charge and are worthless in anything that has a high draw.

Somebody last time said they were ok in a remote but I can tell you first hand not to put them in a camera.

better prices on those sites, but this Woot deal is including an additional 8 AA batteries, so that makes up the difference and more.

edited: oops, didn’t realize several people already pointed this out!

IS it an international charger i.e. 240 V

Yes it ends up being the same price if you add the batteries, not a woot deal by any standards, unless the shipping is already paid for on another woot.


You get 8 more batteries here tho.

BOOM! BHO supporters R duuumb

I find it interesting item has been up for twenty minutes or so and still 100% left?!

I think it’s still worth it, especially if you already paid for shipping on another item