iGo Charger w/ 12 AA & 4 AAA Batteries

Unless I’m doing Obama math, isn’t $19.99 + 5.00 = -$16 trillion?

This thing has been up for a bit but is still showing at 100%. I don’t think they will be going away anytime soon.

I am really happy with the iGos I got last time, the now well documented charger and 8 batteries, got three sets, one for office, one for home, and one for the batteries. But I really want some more AAAs, why, oh why, cant this be 8 AAs and 8 AAAs? I’d but it even though I dont need any more AAs

May be because they don’t work worth a darn? Notice the LCD on the picture shows 7 batteries plugged in, yet you see 8 in the charger. Hmmmm…

HAHA it went from 100% to 40% instantly.

Woot really needs a “Like” button.

The sales bar is stuck on the first page for all woots, if you click on the item to get the description you’ll see how much is left

They were $15 a few months ago at woot

looks like its going to be a woot-off killer…not moving very fast

Your math is off.

Woot: $19.99 + $5 = $24.99

Amazon: $22.79 + $11.35(for 8 more AA’s) = $34.64

That $11.35 is another seller ($7.36 + $3.99 shipping). So a $10 savings. Not bad.

woot off killer

My guess - Woot broke… none of the deliciously golden bars are moving on any of the Woot-off sites now (Woot, Home, Sport, Kids).

Working again!

Looks like the main qty left meter is stuck, but it seems to be working when you click on the item to go to the description page…

How do these hold up in high drain appliances, such as digital cameras and flashes?

Semantics. Both can be found by a single seller and less shipping it’s only a few bucks more.

Like I said, not a great woot.

Would these work in a smoke detector? I had to pull them when my wireless keyboard died.